Selection of Custom-Made Melamine Board For Wardrobe

- Jul 24, 2019-

melamine wardrobe or Paint-free panels wardrobe,which is better  choice?

(1) ask question about MDF, particleboard  regular wood. multi-layer solid wood panels. The  melamine wardrobe is an indispensable item in the decoration. and its proportion in the decoration budget of.  contemporary wardrobe is often quite large. Then whether the wardrobe  done on site. or customized  paint melamine , if you customize it, it is better to choose what kind of board. I would like to talk about some personal opinions. not representative of the authoritative views. for your reference only.

(2)The custom-made  best way  wardrobes  building materials discussed. next refer to the custom-made wardrobes. which are custom-made wardrobes made of paint-free panels. When the price factor is not considered, the better paints are better, and the wardrobes made on site. Excellent custom wardrobe  pieces together .

(4)And if you consider the price factor, custom wardrobe is a good choice. market mainstream choices, the price of custom-made wardrobes is . often 30% cheaper than on-site production. because the custom-made wardrobes mentioned here are all made of paint-free panels. eliminating the cost of painting. We know that at present, as a paint, the price is flat at 120-130. If water-based paint used, the price is more expensive. so the custom wardrobe  wall mounted  does not contain paint costs. and the price is definitely much cheaper.

(5)At present, there are many types of custom-made  also use  wardrobe boards on the market. no matter which kind of boards are paint-free boards. because the surface covered with a layer of PVC wood grain film, no need to paint any more. Then, the difference between them is the core of the board. Of course, some brands use PVC wood grain  affiliate links film more beautiful. and more beautiful as a breakthrough in marketing. and some brands take the exquisite workmanship as a breakthrough. These are not the scope of today's discussion. Today, I tell you what these boards  drawer bottoms are like.

melamine wardrobe

Type of melamine wardrobe


contemporary wardrobe Melamine  MDF board

At present. the Melamine MDF sheets used in custom wardrobes is medium density fiberboard. referred to as MDF.But what MDF means?

From the cut surface of the board, we can see that the MDF is smooth. At first glance, it looks like a whole piece of wood. When you look , you find that there is no wood grain, because these boards made of wood chips and glue. This type of sheet has better stability and is more resistant to deformation. If used as a cabinet door, it can used in many shapes. The disadvantage is that the environmental protection is worse.

wardrobe melamine


wardrobe melamine Particle board

(1) Particleboard is a mixture of wood shavings and glue. It has many aliases. Some merchants call it a solid wood particle board to highlight the concept of “solid wood”. It seems that this statement cannot said to be completely wrong. Wood shavings It is also not a mistake to call it a solid wood granule. If moisture-proof particles added to the particle board, it is a moisture-proof board. The YueShan we often say is actually a kind of particleboard. which is only produced by YueShan. because the particleboard produced by YueShan is second to none.

(2) It can seen from the cut surface of the sheet that the sheet is not as smooth as the MDF. and it seems that many wood shavings bonded together. The stability of the sheet is also good, the deformation resistance is also good. and the environmental protection is also worse. If the board used as a cabinet door, it can't  shaped.

custom wardrobe wood grain solid wood board

(1) This kind of board is a few layers of very thin solid wood board, which are criss-crossed and criss-crossed. The structure is like that of multi-layer solid wood flooring. except that its surface is not the bark of the post, but the PVC wood grain of the post. membrane.

(2) From the cut surface of the sheet, we can see that many layers of wood bonded together, and the bond is a cross-over bond. that is, one piece is horizontal, one piece is vertical, then one piece is horizontal. and then vertical The purpose of cross-bonding is to increase the stability of the board. The environmental friendliness of this sheet will be. better than the previous two sheets. but the stability. and deformation resistance are still worse than the first two sheets.

(3) There is also a custom-made wardrobe in the market using multi-layer solid wood panels. but the surface of the panels is not the pvc film. but the bark of the post, the kind of board needs to painted, of course, the price is expensive. The author believes that the brushed sheet reflects the natural wood grain of the wood. and the texture is better than the pvc wood grain film. which is also more prominent.



furniture wardrobe melamine surface  board

 In fact, it is the melamine board used in the past. The substrate used is multi-layer solid wood or blockboard. which used in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets and wardrobes. Its surface color and pattern are also more, the flatness is good, it is not easy to deformed. and it is convenient to clean.

melamine wardrobe ask question

Can I paint melamine wardrobes? 

You can paint melamine wardrobe. There are masses of paints available on the market nowadays. which might be for precise finishes. and surfaces and fixtures paint for melamine furnishings is any such. In three of our bedrooms. we've got reasonably-priced and nasty looking melamine constructed in wardrobes. and i hated them! LOL. When it got here time to show one of the spare rooms into the nursery we had to decide what to do with the wardrobe. Option one became to take it out and buy a brand new stand by myself cloth cabinet, but as it’s constructed in. the carpet laid around it and if we took the cloth wardrobe out we'd have needed to re carpet the room.  As renters, replacing carpets. (even if they're no longer what i have selected for myself) is not the first-rate option. So alternative two changed into to makeover and paint the wardrobe. I was sceptical about portray it, i used to concerned the paint would scratch. and not closing howbute paint we chose (more on that in a bit) has labored and i'd in reality endorse it!

What screws to use for melamine wardrobe?

Use Coarse-Threaded Screws

A rough-threaded screw, including a drywall screw. will work higher in melamine than a popular wooden screw. or metallic screw. The underlying particle board is coarse and infused with adhesive. so pleasant screws won't find tons extra buy. and can take more effort to screw in.

Use large Screws

Screws of size eight. and up are quality for melamine. once more due to the relative coarseness of the underlying wooden. The threads of smaller screws might not have interaction the particle board.

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