Production process for melamine plywood manufacturers

- Apr 17, 2019-

melamine plywood

      Melamine faced plywood is a plywood with both sides lamianted . with preglued melamine glue coated paper. The paper can be white, blue, green, red or wood grains like cherry, beech, walnut, sapelle, mohogany. The melamine faced plywood, particle board, chipboard. or mdf used in the manufacture of furniture. 

       The high need of furniture need the plywood to made with throughout hardwood core or combi. Regular poplar core is not enough for furniture making.

The multilayered plywood with birch core. and phenol resin can used as the base material for plywood flooring as well. This type of melamine face has better wear resistance.

        With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for furniture are increasing. As a result, the requirements for the sheet are also more stringent. To this end, I will lead everyone to familiarize themselves. with the production process of melamine plywood manufacturers to. better select high quality melamine plywood.

        Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers. or "plies" of wood veneer. that glued together with adjacent layers bind together with. resin using the cross-graining method. This provides more stability. and strength consistently across all direction compare to Chipboard and Mdf . It also reduces the tendency of wood to split. when nailed in at the edges and reduces expansion and shrinkage.

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plywood manufacturing process


cutting process

        raw material processing and final processing of the product. the application of cutting technology, such as veneer cutting, cutting of wood chips. shavings, grinding and separation of fibers. and sawing, sanding, etc. in the final processing . 

       Cutting the wood into units of different shapes. and recombining them into various sheets. in a certain way can improve certain properties of the wood. such as anisotropy. heterogeneity, swelling and shrinkage.


        Drying  including veneer drying, shaving drying, fiber drying in dry fiberboard process. and heat treatment of wet fiberboard. Drying process and process control are different from finished material drying. 

      The process control of the dry material based on the relative humidity of the drying medium. and care must taken to prevent the generation of dry stress. The drying of the sheet-like and granular materials. used in the melamine plywood carried out under high temperature. high speed and continuous conditions. and the heating stage is immediately transferred to the deceleration drying stage.


         sizing including veneer coating, shavings and fiber sizing. Veneer gluing still uses traditional roller gluing in Europe. China's melamine plywood factory also uses roller coating. and the leaching method is suitable for the whole process of the whole middle sheet. and the automatic assembly. The shaving and fiber sizing is now used.

Molding and pressurization

           Molding and pressurization the bundling of the melamine plywood. the slab forming. and pressurization of the particle board fiberboard are all the molding processes. for the manufacture of the melamine plywood.

       The study of wood structure by wood science reveals. that the arrangement of wood fibers in natural wood is hierarchical and directional. and thus can withstand a certain amount of external force exerted by nature on wood.

Final processing

        After the sheet discharged from the hot press. it subjected to the stage of cooling and moisture content balance. that is, sawing and sanding. and the hard fiber board subjected to heat treatment and humidity control.

      In the past, the sawing edges of the sheets were cold sawing. Now, the hot sawing method is also used, but the hot sanding method must not used. The hot sand will damage the surface quality of the finished product. According to the requirements of use, some sheets need special treatments. such as dipping, painting, laminating. and edge sealing.


melamine plywood sheets  Advantages And Disadvantages  

(1)The advantages of the melamine plywood: the number of layers is much better, the insulation is good. and the support is stronger than the two layers.

(2)The shortcomings of the melamine plywood. For the canopy with arched curvature, the more the number of layers. the greater the impact on the use period.

(3)The cost comparison: the cost of the melamine plywood is much higher than. the two-layer board because of the more materials used. If the material is not increased according to the proportion of the melamine plywood. then the thickness of the board wall of the melamine plywood will not keep up, but it will become thinner. Affect the quality of use.

melamine faced board

plywood manufacturers - Yueshan 

        Yueshan  is the recognized brand of Plywood Manufacturers. We are working with a proficient team of trained. and professional engineers. who are working with their combined efforts to manufacture. the best quality of plywood. 

       Plywood Manufacturers; Plywood has now become a dream of the today’s time to design the interiors. and change the decors with the most beautiful furniture and designing. Plywood Manufacturer; These plywood made with the help of thin layers of wood veneers. glued together with the best quality adhesive to make them strong and more durable.

        The plywood which we are serving is available with us in best colors . and patterns to manufacture the best quality furniture. Plywood Manufacturers. These made by the best craftsmanship to enable them to give the aesthetic look to your interiors. 

          Plywood Manufacturers; These plywoods made with the borer resistant and termite resistant characteristics. We are manufacturing these plywoods of various categories like Marine plywood. decorative plywood, softwood, etc. Plywood Manufacturers. These are available with us within the reasonable ranges.

       Yueshan is one of the growing plywood suppliers in China. who offers a wide assortment of Plywood products. that known for its greatest quality and cost effectiveness. To strengthen the product, plywood comprises of three or more layers of veneer. each glued with its grain at right angles to adjacent layers for strength. 

        bedrooms, kitchens and office rooms. Being leading plywood supplier, we offer products. that appreciated for its toughness stain resistance and low maintenance. We have attained a distinct position in the market. by offering splendid quality plywood. Our products are available in customized options related to its color & texture. 

          The plywood made with fine quality of material. and designed to give attractive look at several places. Offered products by Yueshan known for their high strength & weather resistance nature. The company believes in delivering product that can be useful for their abode. Thus, if you want to improve your home décor with extra elegance. then immediately get in touch with one of the leading Ply Board Manufacturers. that will be the perfect


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