Procedures for the synthesis of melamine

- Jan 16, 2019-

What is made from melamine formaldehyde?

When UF or PF melamine resin adhesives used to laminate multilayer plywood, it is easy to open or penetrate. By adjusting reaction conditions. melamine can react with phenol and formaldehyde to produce melamine-phenol-formaldehyde (MPF) resin adhesives . with :

good weather resistance,

heat resistance, wear resistance, high strength and stability to meet different requirements.

For example,

when the pH value is below 8.5. the phenolic resin. and melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resin cured at a ratio of 1:1 to form a three-dimensional cross-linking insoluble substance containing certain ammonia.

HNMR analysis shows that the curing process can divided into two stages:

the first stage is the process of the condensation of MF resin. which is very fast; the second stage is the curing of PF resin and the co-condensation of insoluble MF resin. Close, slow.

melamine formaldehyde


Melamine can also improve the tone and luster of PF resin. In 1977, Germany developed light-color weather-resistant particleboard, . and soon after, white MPF resin adhesive prepared by adding a certain amount of ammonium ion or alkali metal sulfate.


What are the properties of melamine formaldehyde?


(1) Twelve formaldehyde solutions and 0.72 dilute ammonia water added into the reactor. The temperature raised to 60 C and six melamine added . The melamine kept completely dissolved at 70-80 C and cooled immediately to 60 C.


(2) 40 phrases of phenol, 42 phrases of formaldehyde solution. and 1.5 phrases of ammonia water added, heated to 80 for 15 min, then heated to boiling for 20 min, then cooled to 80 as soon as possible. Add 0.43 phr oleic acid and 0.65 phr ammonia water, then heat to boil. Pay attention to the starting time of the reaction fluid turbidity.


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