Practicability of Furniture Board

- Nov 26, 2018-


  Material scholars rack their brains to study how to make full use of trees and forests.  Of course, wood-based panels are the main materials, but they can use all branches and trunks. So we have panel furniture made of wood-based panels.


About Practicability of Furniture Board:


  But, some people are unwilling to use wood-based panels in all their furniture, so they have wood-based furniture.


 They adopt a moderate way to combine wood and board and paste veneers on the board to make the appearance look like solid wood furniture


 This is a very scientific approach. In fact, board furniture can be more durable and stable than all solid wood furniture.


        Solid wood itself has many shortcomings, such as scarring, mineral lines and so on. It is difficult to find perfect in large areas. It is no problem to paste veneers with high pressure and heat. To these media people who don't understand wood, is to do second best. that the coachmen who want to race with trains should concentrate on wood science and not think they have a voice, so they can talk .