Popular Trend of Integrated Cabinet

- Jan 25, 2019-


 Popular Elements:


stable tone, strong woodiness and integration


        From the perspective of cabinet color, the calm atmosphere of black ash. deep coffee will become the popular color of cabinets this year and next year. Meanwhile, monochrome high-light materials such as white, red, olive green, vanilla and so on will continue to be popular.


Under the monochrome background. cabinets with local wood embellishment or natural wood grain will be popular. wood grain color will return. Classical style cabinets are solid wood, frame and door panels are hand-carved. coupled with hand-painted and polished, reflecting the ancient style. Modern style cabinets are also keeping up with this trend . wood-like cabinets will appear in large numbers, from the visual to create a sense of warmth of wood.


        Besides, the concept of "integral kitchen" will be further developed. cabinets will develop towards the direction of equipment and integration. Many enterprises in China are developing or producing integrated kitchen equipment. such as dishwasher and sink equipment, lampblack machine. stove and disinfection cabinet (oven) equipment.


1- mdf shelves cut to size product

Shopping Skills


        Look at the edge of the board. The edge of high quality cabinet is delicate, smooth, good feel, flat and smooth sealing line, fine joints. Professional factory with linear edge sealing machine to complete the process of :

edge sealing,

broken ends,



polishing at one time,

to ensure the most accurate size.

The small factory uses brush to glue, press and seal the edge , trim the edge with wallpaper knife, polish with manual polishing machine. Because of the uneven pressure. many places are not firm, and will cause harmful substances such as formaldehyde to volatilize into the air.


        Look at punching. Plate furniture assembled by three-in-one connectors. The combination and accuracy of hole position will affect the structural firmness of cabinet cabinet.


        Look at the cutting board. Cutting board is the first process of cabinet production. Large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saw to input processing dimensions through computer. The accuracy of material selection size controlled by computer, and several sheets can processed at one time. The performance of the equipment is stable. The dimension accuracy of the sheets is very high, and the tolerance unit is micron.


        Four gateboards. The door panel is the face of the cabinet, as important as the human face. The door panels produced by small factories damped. deformed due to improper treatment of the base material and surface technology.


        Fifth, look at the assembly effect of the whole cabinet. Any dimension error in production process will reflected in the door panel. In the cabinet of small factory production combination.  the door panel will have uneven door seams and uneven clearance, large or small.


        Look at the slide of the drawer. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Because of the hole position and size errors. there are errors in the fitting of slideway installation size. which results in the drawer not moving or loosening left and right, and attention should also paid to the uniformity of drawer gap.

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