Panels used for custom wardrobe VS cabinet

- Apr 15, 2019-

Panels Use For Custom Wardrobe:


1, MDF


MDF is a used wood-based board. It made by shredding and pressing wood, branches. Its density is uniform, its strength is high, and it is easy to process. The shortcoming is that the moisture resistance is not good. and the wet places such as kitchen and toilet should not used, but it is not bad for making wardrobes.


2, Large core board


The large core board, also known as the blockboard, is a good material for the wardrobe frame. It is a plywood with a solid wood core. The inner layer made of a strip-shaped logs, and then the outer layer made of the outer material. The surface is smooth and flat, the stability is strong, and the deformation is not easy. For the plywood, the thicker and the price, the more you can choose according to the pressure and strength.

plywood sheet

3, Particle board


Particleboard Wardrobe is a kind of artificial board which made by cutting raw materials such as wood into pieces of

certain specifications,

dried and mixed with adhesive, hardener and waterproofing agent at a certain temperature. The particleboard wardrobe has a uniform plate structure and good processing performance. It can processed into large-format plates according to needs. It is a good raw material for making different specifications and styles of furniture. Omit environmental protection. the amount of glue used in the production process is small. and the environmental protection level is high.


4, Blockboard


Blockboard (large core board):

good moisture-proof effect, can not painted,

the middle of the blockboard made of natural wood strips,

the two sides glued with very thin veneer, as the name suggests big core board, is decoration

One of the most important materials.

 It can used for furniture. and wooden doors. and door covers. heating covers. curtain boxes ,. etc. Its waterproof and moisture-proof performance is superior to particleboard and MDF. Woodware such as furniture made of large core boards has to go through two processes of using adhesive sheets and painting, and the cost is higher. The large core board divided into 3, 5, and 9 PCT plates according to the thickness. You can choose according to the pressure and strength to accepted. The thicker the price, the higher the price.


5, Solid wood board


Solid wood panels made of complete wood. The materials taken from natural trees and there is no concern about environmental pollution, but the price is high. Among them, the production and construction process requirements are high. When purchasing. pay attention to knowing and have certain experience in solid wood processing technology.


6, Plywood


Plywood, known as multi-layer board. is a sheet-like material formed by gluing a veneer or a sheet of veneer formed by spin-cutting of wood under a certain time. there are three , five , nine and twelve plywood. Plywood has common defects such as low bond strength and partial open glue. plywood warpage, and more used to make oil-filled panels or back sheets.

plywood board sheet

Which Kind Of Board Is Used In Custom Cabinets?


1, Particle board


Particleboard is often used to make all kinds of furniture. Its structure is uniform, the processing performance is good. and it has the advantages of sound absorption and sound insulation. But, the waterproof and moisture proof performance of particle board is insufficient. it is easy to absorb moisture and deform, and its thickness expansion rate is large. If we use particleboard to make cabinets, we must pay attention to its edge sealing process.


2, MDF


The MDF is a kind of plate made of plant fibers such as wood. Its surface is smooth and delicate, and its edge is firm. It is often used to make a painted door panel, but the MDF is not moisture-proof, and its nail holding ability is also compared. difference.


3, Plywood


Plywood is also known as thin core board, plywood, etc. It has good stability, high strength, and is not prone to deformation. Plywood also has the advantages of good water resistance and durability. But, the surface of the plywood is not as smooth as the MDF.


4, Blockboard


Blockboard is also a plywood, which is a kind of board that uses solid wood board as the core. The fine wooden board has good nail holding power, convenient processing. and has the advantages of sound absorption and heat insulation. But, the blockboard's environmental performance. and resistance to bending and bending are poor, and it is wet.


5, Solid wood board


The solid wood plate texture is natural, friendly, has good moisture absorption and breathability. and is durable. But, the solid wood plate is prone to deformation, and its price is expensive. and the requirements for the construction process are high.


In a short. Regardless of the type of board chosen. we have to decide which to choose based on its use. and also on the basis of price, performance and environmental friendliness.


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