OSB VS black melamine plywood

- Apr 15, 2019-

why is osb so expensive

      Increasing capacity use rates points towards growing demand. and supply in the market, yet this level of supply may not be enough. In 2016, OSB production increased approximately 7% according to APA. But, increasing supply has not kept pace with recovering demand from construction. 

      Housing starts increased almost 10.6% in 2015, followed by another 6.3% in 2016. expects slower growth in 2017, 1.4% before a stronger recovery of 9.2% in 2018. The lull in housing starts this year didn't take the pressure off of the OSB price. which have jumped 14% since the beginning of this year. indicative of supply tightness in the market and better margins for producers.

      besides to supply and demand, we follow input costs. as they can be an important determinant for price changes. A closer look at the input cost categories show. that although some components are posting price increases. they are nowhere near the OSB price escalation.

      Price increases. that far exceed cost increases point to a tight supply condition. The alternative to OSB does not provide a reprieve for builders. Softwood plywood, which is more expensive. has also registered a 12.7% price increase since January 2017. Although risks are to the upside due to higher housing construction demand. as more supply reaches the market. we expect OSB prices to moderate somewhat in 2018.

 Oriented strand board  price

      Oriented strand board (OSB) prices predicted to continue fluctuating, which makes projecting. and maintaining budgets for future construction projects difficult. As a result, today’s contractors, architects. and building owners are wise to look for ways to offset high and volatile OSB prices. 

      OSB is a conventional sheathing material used for subfloors, roof and wall sheathing. OSB is cheaper than plywood and other structural sheathings. but, a high demand over supply of OSB in recent years has caused OSB prices to escalate. Recently, OSB increased by 4.4 percent.

      Since September and January 2016, OSB has increased 19 and 38 percent. According to Random Lengths, OSB composite price hit $494, the highest since March 2013 of $495. The low inventory of OSB may be because distributors want to cut a potential of OSB. 

       Also, natural disasters, like hurricanes and fires, have increased the demand for OSB. Finally, the current administration’s duty rates on Canadian lumber is impacting OSB. and lumber costs. As OSB prices continue to rise because of reduced production. and increased demand, contractors. and building owners look for ways to offset the high OSB prices.

        The manufacturing of OSB involves pressing wood bits together . and bonding with adhesive resin and glue. OSB’s popularity as a sheathing product took off in the 1970’s due to a decline. in the availability of timber suitable for plywood production. Sheathing holds the studs together that give the building structural integrity (wall bracing). provides a surface for fastening siding materials. and can also provide thermal properties critical to HVAC air retention. By the 1980s. 

      OSB was a leading commercial structural sheathing material. due to its lower price over other sheathing materials. Another advantage of OSB is its size. Oriented strand boards are large, tall panels. which makes for fewer horizontal seams than plywood panels.

        A significant problem with OSB is every cut in OSB is susceptible to moisture, and it swells when wet. A buildup of moisture within a building’s wall cavities is problematic. because moisture can lead to fungi and wood rot. High moisture can also cause mold, which is unhealthy for the occupants of the building. 

          Another health concern with OSB is it contains PF resins. which emits low levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can cause breathing problems, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or skin. and even cancer. OSB is also heavier and not as stiff as plywood and can produce squeaky floors. Finally, OSB is challenging to paint. Contractors and building owners consider alternatives to OSB. as they struggle with high OSB prices. along with OSB problems with moisture, flexibility, and formaldehyde emissions.

          Oriented strand board (OSB) prices are up almost 20 percent since September 2016. In contrast, other building products have increased to a lesser amount. ready-mix concrete (up 0.2 percent) and gypsum products (up 0.3 percent). Increasing OSB prices are due to demand over supply, increasing construction starts. and several natural disasters. 

          As contractors, architects, and building owners struggle to offset the high OSB prices. an excellent alternative sheathing product to consider is Barricade Thermo-Brace. Thermo-Brace construction and simple installation save time and money. Thermo-Brace is also durable, moisture and air resistant, and formaldehyde free

OSB VS Plywood

OSB price

strand board osb advantages

1, Environmental health


(1) The environmental performance of OSB is very outstanding. Its environmental performance can meet the highest standards in Europe. The glue used in the processing process is also very friendly. It has no odor and does not contain harmful effects on the human body. Formaldehyde, benzene and other substances, so it is very green and healthy.


(2) The OSB has no formaldehyde emission, which is like the natural original wood. This shows that it is friendly, so it can meet the needs and ideas of many people who value friendly green homes. The market advantage brought by this is very large.


2, Waterproof, Moisture, Fire and High temperature


OSB is more waterproof and moisture resistant than fireproof. and high temperature resistant than ordinary core board.


3, Sound absorption and Noise reduction, Adjust room temperature, Humidity


There are many holes in the interior of the OSB Thus, its effect on absorbing and reducing noise is very obvious. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of the plate is very small. so it can play a role in heat preservation for the indoors. and is also beneficial for adjusting the temperature and humidity in the room.


4, Stable structure, Good pressure Resistance


The board surface of the OSB has a three-layer structure in which the horizontal. and vertical directions staggered. Thus, it is very stable in structure. In many developed countries, OSB used as a load-bearing component in buildings.


5, Convenient processing


Because of the structural relationship of the OSB. it does not produce internal stress in the wood. and it becomes very convenient during the processing. whether it is cutting, drilling, or painting.


6, Color alternative


OSB has a lot of colors and styles to meet the needs and preferences of different consumers.


OSB Disadvantages

1. There are pits on the surface


The plate pressed, so there will be some gaps, and the flatness of the surface will be a little worse.


2, The nail holding power is poor


In fact, there is a lot of controversy about this. What is the nail holding force? For example, if a nail nailed to a plate and then pulled out, if the nail eye shrinks. it is smaller than the nail diameter, then its nail holding force indicated. well. But, it should noted here that many foreign furniture made of screws and bolts. Large nails are rarely used, so the difference is necessary to understand.


3, The price is high


The price of OSB is expensive, so you need to consider the renovation budget when purchasing.

What is OSB board used for? 

      OSB is actually a kind of plate from abroad, belonging to particle board. The application in architecture. furniture and other aspects is extensive, and the development in the world is also very rapid.


       Oriented strand board is a structural panel. made up of thin wood strands that used for sheathing in walls. flooring and roofing. Throughout the years, OSB has increased its market share. within the North American structural panels industry. Last year, its share stood at 67% according to the Engineered Wood Association (APA). 

        This transition to OSB was because of the cheaper pricing relative to plywood. besides to some structural characteristics. Like softwood, the largest end market for this commodity is the housing market. Norbord, one of the leading US producers of OSB, notes that in 2016, 55% of. its OSB used in new home construction, 20% in repair and remodeling, 20% in industrial uses and 5% exported.


Plywood advantages:

1, Good stability


The ply board is also glued with several layers of sheets. This criss-cross structure makes it very stable and has a strong pressure resistance. and is not prone to cracking and deformation.


2, Improve wood use


Timber resources are decreasing. and black melamine plywood can improve the use of wood. and the advantages in saving wood are outstanding.


3, Lower than the price of solid wood panels


The performance of all aspects of the plywood sheet is good. Compared with the solid wood floor, the price is cheaper. At the same time, it also improves some natural defects of the solid wood board. which increases its market competitiveness.


4, The wood texture is beautiful


The board has a wood texture and is very beautiful. It is suitable for making all kinds of furniture. This unique texture of the furniture surface is very decorative for the environment.

black melamine plywood sheet

Plywood Disadvantages ?


1, Can not repaired after blisters


After the multi-layer board soaked in water. it is not repairable, so you need to pay attention to this during the use process. and you should do the maintenance work of the board.


2, There is a certain formaldehyde problem.


About the problem of formaldehyde, it is also necessary to analyze it in detail. The ply board will use resin glue to bond processing. The solid wood plywood board with better quality will cut the number of times of using liquid glue during processing. If the quality of the glue is not good and it used in large quantities. there will be a serious problem of formaldehyde.


In fact, in the decoration process, if you are very entangled in the choice of OSB or black melamine plywood. you still have to start from a practical point of view. For example, the decoration requires a very strong sheet. then you can choose the black melamine plywood. If used to decorate the background wall, etc., the OSB is a very good choice. It is the best choice to choose the plate according to the actual situation.


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