More and more environmentally friendly sheet – Melamine MDF veneer

- Apr 24, 2019-

In the interior decoration, wooden decorative materials are essential and important materials. People make

furniture, floor, wall skirts, etc., all inseparable from wood materials such as

plywood and MDF. But when people move into a new home, open the door of the furniture or touch the floor of the new paint. They will smell a pungent smell. This sultry taste emitted by the formaldehyde contained in the wooden material.

MDFboards use in cabinetry

What Is A MDF?


MDF include low density boards, medium density boards and high density boards. Medium density boards  used for wood floor mats and furniture keels. MDF is inseparable from the production of special glue. Due to process problems, most of this glue contains formaldehyde.  


To reduce the harm to the human body. Many countries have established standards for the release of formaldehyde wood decorative materials. For example, the European standard is that the formaldehyde per 100 grams of board does not exceed 40 mg. The standard in China is that the release of free formaldehyde per 100 grams of sheet should not exceed 70 mg. The smaller the number of milligrams, the better. To meet the "green" environmental protection requirements. a new type of friendly MDF has recently appeared.


What Are The Advantages Of MDF?


Good security


The friendly MDF has an average release of only 12 mg per 100 g of sheet, which is one third of the European standard. It is 1/6 of the standard in China. It is a healthy and friendly artificial sheet in the domestic similar products. .


Excellent material


Omit producing MDF, the use of computer segmentation control, online synchronization quality monitoring and automatic rejection of non-conforming products and other advanced technology,

the material is excellent, the surface of the sheet is smooth, high hardness and high strength. It is not only an ideal material for room decoration, but also used in vehicle and ship manufacturing, household appliances and so on.


 Wide range of uses


friendly MDF has many uses only room decoration:


Furniture: friendly MDF can used as a combination of furniture or furniture. A panel such as a table top with a profiled edge used instead of natural wood to make a furniture skeleton, various decorative lines and parts. The surface decorated and sealed with a linear veneer to make kitchen furniture, washrooms and office furniture.


Floor: Due to its outstanding surface properties and physical and mechanical properties, MDF, especially its ultra-low release of formaldehyde, meets international standards and is an excellent material for making composite flooring.


Doors: Solid door panels, panel door fans, hollow door fans and molded door fans can made with friendly MDF. Beautiful and sturdy, it is comparable to high-grade solid wood doors.


Black melamine mdf boards 

Wall panels and partitions:


To use medium-density boards as base materials, which can used to make indoor wall panels and partition boards. It can also used to make long-shaped parts such as stair railings, footboards and mirror lines, and can also used as window sills. Sheets, curtain boxes, and heating cover sheets have the advantages of easy processing, durability and durability.


Audio equipment:


The MDF material is exquisite and has excellent acoustic performance. It used to make speakers, audio, radio casing, etc. It is a good substitute material.


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