melamine furniture toxic detection Methods

- Jul 19, 2019-


What is melamine in furniture?

Melamine is a thermosetting  adhesives used .   composite wood   plastic laminate resin mixed with formaldehyde and hardened. via a  formaldehydefree melamine heating method. It's far carried out to a difficult substrate including  protein content wood products. or particleboard to make melamine furnishings. The resin is also used to produce Formica, which once changed into a huge trend in tables and counter tops. Melamine is available in a large sort of styles, colours and sizes.

 What Is Melamine Furniture? Melamine furnishings like  melamine desk  are pieces of  laminate. used  furniture constructed of wood that then covered with sheets of melamine. supplying easy and sleek surfaces. This sort of  organic compounds  furniture made. rose to popularity in the course of the Nineteen Fifties. and '60s, supplying  solid hardwood an less expensive way to  fiberboard mdf.  decorate a home with durable. and fashionable tables, chairs, table, cabinets  building materials and add-ons.

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1. when fell suffocated, nauseous and even dizzy when I wake up.

2. The smell of the new furniture in the house is unacceptable and causes physical illness.

3, although they do not smoke, and rarely contact the smoking environment. but often feel uncomfortable throat, foreign body feeling, breathing.

4, the children often cough, sneeze, immunity decline. the decorated house children do not want to go home.

5, the family often have skin allergies and other problems and is a group of hair.

6. Family members share a common disease, and the symptoms change and improve. after leaving the environment.

7, the newlyweds do not get pregnant for a long time, can not find out the reason.

8, pregnant women in the normal circumstances of pregnancy found in the fetus.

9, after a new move or new decoration, indoor plants are not easy to survive, leaves easy to yellow, wilt. especially some of the strongest vitality of the plant is difficult to grow .

10, after the new movie, the family pet cat, dog, and even tropical fish died, and the neighbors are so.


 melamine furniture toxic

melamine furniture toxic detection methods 2

The purpose of indoor decoration pollution detection is to timely. and reflect the current situation. and development trend of environmental quality after indoor decoration. and provide a scientific basis for indoor environment management. pollution source control, indoor environment planning. and indoor environment evaluation. The specific testing process decomposed into the following eight aspects:

1. Telephone consultation, appointment, registration. and air testing must closed in advance according to relevant national regulations.

2. Professional technicians arrive on time to collect samples. or take samples prepared by customers, such as furniture and boards. Issue receipt on-site for the testing fee.

3. Bring the samples back for inspection by various laboratories.

4. The person in charge of each testing room must recheck the test results.

5. The quality management office must sign after the verification is correct.

6. Print the official report. sign it after the re-inspection of all departments is correct. allow the signer to approve. and sign it. and stamp the special seal for measurement certification (CMA). official seal and special seal for testing.

7. Inform the test results in advance by phone. and the test report can delivered by express delivery or self-collection.


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melamine furniture toxic detection methods 3

Indoor environmental pollution control is the use of modern scientific. and technological methods in the form of discontinuous . or continuous quantitative determination of environmental factors . and other harmful to human health indoor environmental pollutants concentration change, observation. and analysis of its environmental impact process and degree of scientific activities.

1. Activated carbon adsorption, which can absorb air pollutants without power supply. But, it has a saturation problem, that is, the more pollutants adsorbed by activated carbon. the worse its adsorption capacity is. so that it loses its adsorption purification capacity.

2. There are many kinds of purifiers, including activated carbon adsorption, ozone decomposition. chemical decomposition, etc., but all these need to continue to consume electricity. As the pollutants released. once the power turned off, the concentration of pollutants will continue to rise. the purifier cannot treat the interior of the furniture.

3. Formaldehyde scavenging agent decoration deodorant treatment process. is the use of the principle of plant absorption of formaldehyde to. develop formaldehyde scavenging agent coating brush on the bare surface of furniture. and artificial plate products, so that it penetrates into the plate interior. and the free formaldehyde. inside the plate produces polymerization reaction. to achieve the removal of free formaldehyde in the plate. At the same time. strong oxidizing gas produced by furniture deodorant and decoration deodorant. used to decompose formaldehyde. benzene, ammonia and other decoration pollutants in furniture or indoor air. This method can reduce the concentration of indoor pollutants below the national standard. especially for furniture treatment effect is quite obvious. But this kind of craft is higher to construction need. the need must undertake processing all pollution sources. after making management otherwise formaldehyde concentration cannot reach standard need. Intervene before decorating to, use this kind of craft to assure quite. but intervene after decorating, inevitable existence cannot handle the dead Angle that arrives. although paint surface has an effect of screen of certain formaldehyde additionally. but also can release formaldehyde , because this may make. cannot reach a standard after management.

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4. Ventilation method.  through the circulation of indoor air. can reduce the content of harmful substances in indoor air. thus reducing the harm of such substances to the human body. Winter, people often close doors and windows, indoor and outdoor air cannot flow. not only indoor air formaldehyde content will increase. radon gas will continue to accumulate. and even reach a very high concentration.

5. Nano photocatalyst is the use of nano photocatalytic materials under light irradiation. can continue to produce a large number of active oxygen ion radicals. and hydroxyl radicals. which can decompose the decoration of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, . and other pollutants and bacteria. and other pathogenic microorganisms. This method can decompose and reduce the concentration of pollutants in indoor decoration. but it cannot play its role in the light condition. Besides. it is difficult to deal with the main source of formaldehyde pollution furniture. (especially closed furniture). Want to decorate pollution with this kind of craft management at the same time. the need falls to the following of national regulation standard, need time is longer. exceed bid especially below more serious circumstances.


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