Melamine paper for mdf advantage and disadvantage

- Aug 06, 2019-

what is melamine impregnated paper?

melamine paper definition: melamine paper sheets, also known as "Miramine" paper, is a kind of plain color base paper or printed decorative paper soaked with amino melamine resin (melamine formaldehyde resin and urea-formaldehyde resin) and dried to a certain extent melamine paper thickness, melamine paper production with a certain resin content and volatile content adhesive paper, melamine paper can be glued to each other or glued to the wood-based panel substrate by hot pressing.


white melamine board

melamine paper sheets history

At present, melamine paper sheets is widely used in furniture board , most of which are low pressure and short period form, that is, under high temperature and high pressure, pressing for tens of seconds to make melamine paper thickness. In recent years, the synchronous flower plate produced by impregnated film paper melamine board combined with steel plate wood grain is loved by people because of its good stereoscopic texture. Melamine impregnated paper will form bright plate under low temperature and long time pressing, which is also developed and perfected by many companies at present. In view of the requirements of surface plasticity and environmental protection, mainly formaldehyde-free requirements, impregnated paper has developed to finish ink on the surface of the paper, and then coated with waterborne polyurethane resin on the surface of the paper, which can protect against scraping. After the waterborne polyurethane resin is coated on the surface of the melamine paper roll, the paper can also be coated and curled, and the plasticity will be better than the previous one.


melamine finish on wood advantage

-The surface is flat, and it is not easy to be deformed melamine paper sheets due to the same expansion coefficient on both sides of the plate. The color is bright, and the surface is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the price is economical.

-Melamine board light weight, anti-mildew, fire prevention, heat resistance, earthquake resistance, easy to clean, renewable, fully in line with the established policy of energy saving and consumption, ecological protection, so the industry also known as the ecological board. In addition to solid wood furniture, all kinds of high-grade professional melamine paper manufacturers are involved in wood grain melamine board. In the high end of the overall wardrobe to add melamine board can effectively prevent the use of formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resin as a preservative caused by environmental pollution, in addition to melamine board can replace wooden board, aluminum plastic board made mirror, high wear resistance, anti-static, relief, metal and other finishes.

-the fancy variety of this kind of adornment material is much, gave consumer very big choice space.

-ecorative papersis made of Melamine furniture paper decorative plate with hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, strong water resistance, corrosion resistance and other decorative effects, and easy to clean.

-melamine panel appearance of the melamine sheets sizesr bright color, bright flat is often used for the floor, table, door and other models of high demand furniture.


melamine laminate sheet

melamine laminate sheet disadvantage

melamine paper products makes the furniture looks strong, with colour or imitation wood grain of the paper itself is fragile, the melamine sheets after soaking in the transparent resin film formed by the paper is much hard, this walnut design melamine paper goods kind of film and substrate has a good performance after hot pressing into one, don't have to be painted decorative surfaces, the furniture with its also.the natural formation on the surface of protective film, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hot and pollution.

Melamine Paper Weight Waterproof performance is general, after soaking, slight expansion phenomenon. melamine laminates Color is more simple, do not show class, not bright and beautiful enough, rise integrally that is to say, get together door of ambry of hydrogen ammonia economy material benefit, real and durable life of the melamine paper, professional Melamine Paper Weight manufacturer color is simple not quite bright-coloured.


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