Melamine mdf suppliers show you how to choose good wood

- Apr 26, 2019-


 There are so many different kinds of wood on the market. How to choose good white melamine board has become a headache for many people. The following china melamine faced mdf suppliers will show you how to choose good wood.

Melamine mdf suppliers show you how to choose good wood

The Material Of  Wood:


 1 Floor: The wooden floors currently on the market include

teak, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, ash, birch and other materials. The natural texture of teak is beautiful and functional. It is an excellent material for making wooden flooring, and the price is also high. The performance of eucalyptus is better than that of ash. and it is also a superior material for wood flooring. The texture of ash is clear. The decorative effect is good and the price is moderate. the various references of birch are not as good as the above materials, but the price is lower.


    2, real wood wild tools: the important use of rosewood, rosewood, black wood, peach mouth wood, ash, oak and so on.


 3. Others: Wood can also used as:

solid wood doors, decorative wood lines, uncovering materials and high-grade wall decoration materials. Wood-based panels are lacking in today's wood resources. and the state is one of the countries with the lowest per capita forest stock in the world. Thus, wood substitutes? Wood-based panel materials become one of the main materials for interior decoration materials. The variety of wood-based panels used in interior decoration

china melamine laminated board

The Introdution Of Basic Board:


 1. Particleboard: It is a kind of:

man-made processed wood processing residue,

harvesting residue,

small-diameter material,

or non-wood plant fiber material into a certain shape size of shavings. and then added with glue (or without glue). Plate. Its strengths are:

according to the need to be able to processed into different thinness,

large-format sheet,

good dimensional stability,

high static strength

and three-dimensional thrust strength,

with good mechanical processing

and appearance decoration performance, and the price is also cheap.

The problem is:

the edge is rough,

easy to absorb moisture,

and even cause the edge shavings to fall off,

affecting the processing quality; the water absorption thinness expansion rate is large, the holding screw force is low, the fasteners should not assembled ; the volume sinking is higher than the wood.

 Thus, the manufactured furniture is heavier, and the cross member deformed.


 2, Medium-thickness fiberboard: made of

wood or non-wood fiber as the material, through the fiber, sizing, boring, slab display, warm pressure and other processes. Its advantages are: besides to processed into:

 different thicknesses,

large-format plates,

easy processing, etc., t

he convexity lies in the average internal structure of the plate, which is easy to milled and edged, and the plate can coated and finished. It is flat and lubricated, can thinned decorative paper, Philippine thin wood, etc.

Its bending and anti-pushing strength are greater than the particle board, but the price is higher than the particle board. The problem is: the board is dark in color, the furniture made heavier, and the cross-back members are prone to deformation.


 3, plywood: It is a kind of wood-based panel material which made by gluing. blanking and hot pressing with odd-numbered veneers whose sides are perpendicular to each other. The plywood has good strength and good performance, and it is easy to use and has good dimensional fluctuation. But, the price of multi-layer plywood is high. plywood with a thickness of 2.7 mm, 3 mm or 5 mm is often used as a negative plate, a drawer panel or a cover panel in interior decoration.


 3. Blockboard: It is a self-made board made of small wooden strips and core boards with 1~2 layers of double-sided sheets. It characterized by high strength, good dimensional stability, good nail holding power, easy processing, and suitable for sinking solid wood. The water absorption thinness expansion rate is far less than that of medium-thick fiberboard and particleboard, and the price is also high.


 4. Covering panel: It divided into solid and air-covered cladding panels. The real core cladding panels based on particleboard, blockboard, medium-thickness fiberboard, small wooden planks, scraps, and wood. It made of a cover material such as thin wood, printed wood grain decorative paper or polyvinyl chloride film. For the home decoration majestic water, the cover panel is flat and does not warp and deform. and the two sides of the substrate required to covered at the same time and reach a symmetric balance. The hollow cladding panel made of wood or particle board, medium density fiberboard slab as the core layer frame. and made of wooden frame, and the two sides glued with plywood or thin medium density fiber and particle board as cladding material. To ensure the flatness of the board surface and the strength of the foot, the hollow part needs to add the excavation material, and the excavation material can divided into a grid shape, a square shape, a honeycomb shape and the like.

 Ordinary hollow plate size fluctuations are:

not easy to deform,

light and material-saving,

but labor saving than solid cladding,

the price is usually between the price of medium density fiberboard and particleboard, close to medium density fiber.


 Article Summary: About Melamine mdf suppliers show you how to choose good wood introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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