Melamine Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

- Jul 25, 2019-

melamine cabinets

       Melamine is a sort of laminate often used as a covering for fixtures and cabinets. Like any other piece of fixtures. melamine shelves display signs and symptoms of  melamine finish wear and tear . When your kitchen  often used  a face-raise. there are many ways to reface melamine cabinets  compressed wood . Some refacing  wood particle  products are cheaper, whilst others cost more.  even within owner of a house handy with a paintbrush. or a craft knife can replace vintage melamine cabinets.

      Melamine cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens. and other rooms due to their affordability, attractiveness and sturdiness.  resin finish cabinet door  is a artificial cloth this crafted from wooden debris.  heat moisture paper and resins or other glues. Melamine shelves have come a long way in view that their start many many years in the past. They may be now to be had in an expansion of finishes, colorings and patterns.

      In the era of the highest value of the beatuy  home guides many consumers.  melamine cabinet offers  kitchen design will pay special attention  new cabinets  home improvement. to the Melamine Wood Attractiveness appearance of goods before shopping. Many homes nowadays prefer modern minimalist surface of Melamine kitchens. while  wide variety  melamine panels  cabinets good  provide clean lines. and a simple color scheme.  particle core shades of faux wood grains lines  structural integrity  and colors. melamine coating are very popular among  assemble kitchen.

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Melamine kitchen cabinet pros

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    These cabinets are very durable. being resistant to various common problems that occur in the kitchen, from heat. stains and excessive moisture.

    The melamine is able to resist external elements due to the tough outer coating. which is also very easy to clean.


    Being a synthetic material, melamine is able to produced with a very wide range of finishes. It can come in solid colors, or many shades of faux wood grains.

    The variety available makes it easy to find the perfect finish for your kitchen.


    Melamine can offer consistent finishes. even within the same order because it’s manufactured within a controlled environment. Whereas, solid wood grain can vary in pattern and color, even in the same order.


    When comparing melamine to solid wood style cabinets. melamine offers a less expensive option. This leads to savings with your renovations or installations. making your budget seem bigger.

melamine cabinet cons

Water damage

     Wood is not waterproof.Moisture-proof but not in the water. Although moisture-proof melamine cabinet panels can withstand continuous moisture exposure. most wood can damaged. to protect the wood, it is usually necessary to carry out a waterproof treatment. These cabinets should not installed too close to the sink or other water source. This is because melamine absorbs moisture. which can compromise the integrity of the internal structure. 

    If your melamine cabinets become wet over a period of time, they will begin to swell, become musty and moldy. The melamine cabinet will warped and cracked by moisture damage. Cabinets also expand and contract as temperatures and humidity change. Today melamine sheet yokewood manufacturers have developed processes and techniques to reduce warpage.  and cracking. But also pay attention when using

Cabinet installation

     Even if the melamine cabinet made of synthetic material, chipping may still occur. Patching can become very expensive. you must be extra careful during the installation process. Due to the cabinet weight. support during installation is critical. Hiring professionals to install is safer. The risk of damage should reduced. Due to the unique internal structure of melamine. nails and screws must installed to avoid splitting. melamine construction cabinets may work better with nails and screws. 

    If used , nails and screws can cause melamine to break. Although cabinet weight may not be an initial issue. it may be necessary to upgrade the bracket to a more heavy installation. Without proper suspension brackets, the cabinet may fall. which may result in more expensive damage. Due to the way melamine formed. these types of cabinet construction may become more difficult to building cabinets. because they may not be suitable for screws and nails. If used , screws or nails can cause melamine to rupture. For this reason, it recommended to use professional installation of melamine.


Pest Proof Storage Cabinet

     Interior of your kitchen cabinets. Solid wood is more susceptible to pests than engineered wood. It requires regular maintenance and proper finishing to protect the Wood veneer.


 is melamine good for kitchen cabinets 

      Melamine has a core made from compressed wood particles. which covered by a paper and resin finish. which can used for manufacturing various colors and styles. It is common for melamine to used in making cabinets or the bathroom, kitchen or other sections of a home. so melamine good for kitchen cabinets  

     Usually, veneer is a term used to describe a thin layer covering thicker materials. There are many people that think all veneers are wood veneers. but they can also created using melamine.

    Melamine veneer is a thin plastic layer also known as thermofoil. It’s applied using heat onto the plywood. or particleboard, as underlying material could vary.

    Wood veneers are then wood pieces shaved. and added to other pieces of wood, like particleboard or plywood.

    Usually, the cabinet interior will have some type of veneer in it. this could be either real wood or melamine veneer.

    Cabinet doors which uses a hardwood material, such as oak, cherry or maple. the actual wood grain patterns can seen in the center panel, and usually don’t match up. Advantages of using the wood veneer for the whole center panel is. that a consistent grain pattern provided.

     Additionally, wood veneers on a cabinet door could done over plywood or hardwood. either way the top layer remains wood veneer. Then, paint or stain added to the wood veneer to match the other part of the cabinet door.

      The inconsistent grain patterns that are viewable will. depend on the wood veneer and type of wood used by the manufacture. There are certain wood veneers. that get manufactured in thin strips, which are six inches wide. In this case, you would see the wood grain strip before the next pattern starting. There are certain maple woods. that can produced by manufacturers to have wider veneer sheets. resulting in a more consistent looking grain pattern.

kitchen design  melamine finish cabinet price

    The price of cabinet drawers is often a concern for consumers. Everyone wants to buy the best products at the lowest price. Melamine board cabinets modern kitchen renovation budget. offer consumers a lower cost option that is durable. and appealing. This means you don't have to pay extra for cabinet drawers or solid wood cabinets. 

    Compared to solid wood cabinets, melamine cabinets are much cheaper. Furniture made of solid wood is often more valuable. than furniture made of engineered wood. but in some cases, MDF Melamine cabinets furniture is quite expensive. Melamine board cabinets affordability of melamine kitchen cabinets. are a good choice for consumers. who want to offer better prices to their families.

      Buying kitchen cabinets in superstores is possible! They also provide some cost benefits. But, they’re of lower quality than custom cabinets. Also, given that they come in standard sizes and colours, they might not fit in your in your kitchen. or their colours might not mesh well with the rest of your home. 

     They might even make your kitchen. look like it put together by inexperienced contractors. because of the clash created by sizing or colours. For instance, if you have 17 inches of space between your dishwasher and a wall, well. standard sized cabinets only come in 15 or 18 inches in width. 

      You’ll thus need to hide the empty space created by getting the only size that actually fits in the space allotted. When cover ups need to used in more than one area of the kitchen, it’s clear when the kitchen done. But, if you plan on undertaking the entire renovation process (i.e. not hire a kitchen contractor). or want to add a kitchen in your basement apartment, this solution might be best for you! 

      If you plan on renovating your kitchen and keeping it for the next 15 to 20 years in a house that has a good resale value. getting custom cabinets and working with a kitchen designer would be your best bet. They’ll be able to help you put together a plan that fits with your needs and wants. Your kitchen designer will know the right tips and tricks to allow you to make the most of your space. He or she can suggest things you never thought of that make all the difference in your home. A cabinetmaker can then work with the plans and build cabinets for your kitchen.

     The quality of cabinets made by a cabinet maker is superior to those bought in store. They’re made of top quality material. and hardware, like hinges, drawer rails, and other mechanisms. Custom cabinets are a little more costly. but can make all the difference when it comes to your kitchen’s final look. 

     Of course, the costs associated with each type of cabinet will influence your choice. Here is a table summarizing the average prices. we have seen across the thousands of projects we have dealt with (incl. materials and labour for different kitchen cabinet types) . for a medium-sized kitchen (about 10ft x 12ft).

Custom melamine cabinets colors


     Melamine is a synthetic material that produces almost endless finishes. Melamine board cabinets are also popular because it has almost any color you can think of. When a melamine coating made, the color or design of the outer coating applied. Melamine is possible in almost any design or color.  including artificial wood grain and wood tones. various kinds. You can also choose from a variety of shades or solid colors of artificial wood particles. including shapes, finishes and colors.

best wood for cabinets

mdf cabinets

      MDF finds its most common use in kitchen cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets comprise of both solid wood and MDF elements. MDF Board is usually found on the doors. and interior paneling for the reasons stated above (easier to paint, easier to clean, does not warp and so on).

      Mdf Cabinets Provide a sleek, white finish look in your bathroom . or bedroom while also adding more storage for personal items. This takes up minimal space and works in many decor styles

       MDF cabinets installed in many homes. because they’re inexpensive and easy to maintain. MDF is a material made from wood fibers bonded. and pressed together with glues to form a hard material that looks like wood. Over time, your MDF doors may fade or yellow, or they may no longer match your decor. Refinishing MDF cabinet doors is a task most homeowners can do themselves. but requires some care and preparation to avoid having to repeat the job.

plywood cabinets

      Cabinet-grade plywood often has twice the number of plies. better lamination, and a smoother finish. It cuts cleanly, with little splintering or damage. Cabinet-grade plywood tends to be 3/4-inch thick. and may veneered on one side with inexpensive wood. such as birch. Plywood cabinet boxes are lighter than particle board boxes.

      As the trend toward European-style frameless cabinets continues to grow. many cabinet builders are discovering that the composite plywood. they’ve been using to build framed cabinets isn’t quite doing the job as well as it should. Frameless cabinet construction favors a cabinet box that uses a thicker. stiffer plywood to make up for the lack […]

      Plywood Cabinetry offers consumers affordable high quality Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets. and bathroom vanities. All Plywell products made by solid wood and plywood.

       Plywood can have gaps in plies, and all but the best stuff can warp. High-quality 11-ply plywood, including veneer, used in this custom-cabinet drawer. These tips can help you check the quality of plywood cabinets: The wood should have many thin plies.  at least 7-ply for ¾-inch plywood (including the veneer), but you can go as high as 13-ply.

particle board cabinets

      Particle board is commonly used for the sides. and backs of cheaper cabinets with a high quality of construction. Particle board made up of tiny little wood chips. that have compressed and adhered together with some type of glue.

melamine cabinets FAQ

What is the difference between laminate and melamine cabinets? 

    Melamine cabinets is less expensive than laminate. as it is synthetic via a technique which isn't always value in depth. Laminate is extra long lasting than melamine and more proof against warmness. and chemicals. Melamine produced with a pressure of three hundred-500psi even. about make a laminate a pressure of 1400psi required. No pasting over a board wanted. with melamine whereas carpenters need pasting a laminate over a board to. make the completed product for office or kitchen use. Laminates are available in many colors and textures. but melamine isn't always available in one-of-a-kind shades.

 How durable are melamine cabinets? 

    Melamine is a not unusual and cheaper family cloth, consisting of shelves, cabinets. and cabinets, and every now and then even furnishings. Melamine end fabricated from hot soften paper, impregnated with resin, long lasting. and does no longer need extra paint or any sort of sealant. so melamine cabinets is very durable.  But if the challenge is the legacy of any other decade, it is able to grow to be with a greater dull ending. In place of accept the repute quo, provide it a new coat of paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Buy Tips

    If you are going to a real wood cabinets store. or buy furniture store looking for traditional wooden cabinets. you need to consider these advantages and disadvantages. Melamine kitchen cabinets. like all other actual wood grain patterns melamine sheets, are also good or bad. If the plate chosen for Yueshan, it will be better.

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