Melamine faced board VS Melamine laminated plywood

- Apr 17, 2019-

As a consumer, it is difficult to compare the difference between melamine faced board and melamine laminated plywood. For consumers. the melamine faced board may be the furniture sheet of the blockboard core material. while the melamine laminated plywood is the normal multi-layer solid wood board. For those in the industry. the melamine faced board consists of melamine laminated plywoods and blockboard core materials. It's that people call the blockboard core material an melamine board.

melamine faced board use in kitchen

Concept Difference:


(1)Melamine faced board:


  There are many kinds of names in the industry. The common name is melamine board. Like traditional lacquer-free panels and melamine panels, they are melamine-finished panels. so they are sometimes referred to as paint-free panels and melamine panels. The difference between the melamine faced boards is the use of -viscose, paving on the use of less blockboard. melamine laminated plywood substrate, hot-pressed decorative board, better environmental performance.


(2) Melamine laminated plywood:


It called plywood, a thin veneer cut from a log wood section or cut from a wooden side,. and a three-layer or melamine laminated plywood . which glued and bonded at a high temperature.The fiber layers of the adjacent layer veneers are perpendicular to each other . and the front and back sheet disposed on the two sides of the center layer so that they have vertical.  and horizontal directions. The difference in physical and mechanical properties is small, and the strength is high.


Differences Between Melamine Faced Board And Melamine Laminated Plywoods:


Sheet surface: The surface of the melamine faced board decorated with melamine finish. The surface of the melamine laminated plywood is the veneer of precious wood.



The melamine faced board finish has the advantages of

 no paint,


and abrasion resistance, fire and moisture resistance, and a wide variety to meet various decoration styles.

Although the surface of the melamine laminated plywood is a precious wood veneer. the types of them are simple, and it is not resistant to dirt,


abrasion, moisture, etc.  The furniture often needs to  decorated with panels and painted. and the melamine faced board is more convenient and quicker.


Environmental protection: Environmental protection depends on adhesives. boards and melamine laminated plywoods can adhesives, depending on the manufacturer. But the melamine finish of the melamine faced board isolates the release of free formaldehyde. and thus the melamine faced board is more green. The Yueshan melamine faced board adopts viscose and the environmental protection grade can reach E0 level. The melamine faced board is not bad for environmental protection. but the furniture often needs to attached to the panel and painted. which is easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard.


Physical properties: Multi-layer sheet are also called plywood. The adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other and the surface sheet and inner sheet arranged on the two sides of the central layer. The physical and mechanical properties of the longitudinal and lateral directions are different. Smaller, higher strength and other advantages. Melamine faced board has the same physical properties, but blockboard is a special plywood. Generally speaking, the more layers, the higher the strength. It said that the strength of melamine laminated plywood is better than that of blockboard, but blockboard.  which is the splicing of wood strips is better than the melamine laminated plywood.



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