Melamine double faced plywood||How about using it to make cabinets?

- Apr 15, 2019-

There are various kinds of plates on the market, such as:

 plywood, blockboard,

composite board,

reinforced board

and melamine board, etc.

Some are solid wood boards, some are artificial boards, and Melamine double faced plywood is the more common artificial board. Today I Will you take a look at this panel.

melamine double faced plywood

Melamine Double Faced Plywood:


The Melamine double faced plyboard is actually a plate with a veneer on both sides. It called a melamine board. It is actually a melamine plate that we often say. Melamine is harmful in food, but it is a good ingredient on the plate. on the basis of the particle board covered with a layer of patterned melamine glue impregnated decorative paper. adding a binder after high temperature pressing, belonging to a decorative sheet.


Melamine Double Faced Plywood  Still Has Many Advantages:


The surface of the sheet is flat, and the structure will not deformed due to the swelling and shrinkage of the sheet. It has different color patterns, which can meet the needs of most people. and the surface layer also has certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance. A kind of man-made sheet with cheap price represented by Yueshan brand in domestic production enterprises.


Another great advantage of the double panel is that it does not need to painted, it is a paint-free board, which reduces pollution. The protective film on the surface has anti-scratch, anti-scalding and anti-pollution effects.       

Moreover, the Melamine double faced board uses less glue in the production, and is more friendly than the MDF and the large core board.


The basis of this panel is particle board, so it also has excellent nail holding power, pressure resistance and load bearing. But, it has a lower grade, and the edge seal is more likely to collapse. and the edge seal will leave obvious traces of glue, and the edge construction can only used for edge sealing.


So choose a melamine double faced board for flooring or furniture panels. In use, it is necessary to pay attention to: it can not be damp for a long time or soaked in water. Otherwise, edge cracking is inevitable, affecting the appearance and use. If there is crack or damage in the veneer, it should repaired in time, and it can covered. A piece of damp cloth, then iron with a hot iron, put moisture into the veneer, scrape off the old glue and apply a layer of milky white glue to compact.


malemine double faced plywood use in kitchen

Maintenance Method Of Melamine Plywood:


For the melamine board, it is necessary to do the anti-fouling treatment every two to three months, and the floor wax can applied on the board. Before waxing, first remove the dirt, then use a clean rag to wax, starting from one side of the board and rubbing it on the board. After rubbing it, wash the original waxy cloth, no need to wax again. Start from the original rubbing corner and wipe it again according to the original method. After waxing, the surface of the board will e refreshed, showing a clean luster, while also protecting the paint film and delaying aging. The melamine board itself is very toxic and stable, and will not be free of toxicity after curing, so you can use it with confidence.


The above is about the introduction of this panel of melamine double faced plywood. as well as the use instructions and maintenance techniques. The Melamine double faced plywood  man-made sheet is used in interior decoration and furniture, and is a popular choice. It also has great advantages in various artificial boards, and it has a little advantage in cabinets. I hope this will help everyone,please feel free to click on discover our entire product.


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