Melamine chipboard manufacturers Teach you how to choose a plate

- Apr 23, 2019-

China Melamine chipboard manufacturers told us that the plates on the market are not good. and the melamine faced veneers made of multi-layer plywood that are criss-crossed in a crisscross pattern. The outermost front panel called a panel, the reverse side called a back panel. and the inner layer called a core recycling melamine board. It s used for doors, furniture, walls, and the like.


Melamine chipboard manufacturers Teach you how to choose a plate

 How to choose the plate

1.Look at the popular winds. The simple, bright and rhythmic style of decoration is more and more recognized by people. and it is also the trend of this year, which is most obvious on the veneer.




    2. Choose a small selection. The good veneer has a refreshing and gorgeous aesthetic, the color is even and clear. the material is meticulous, the texture is beautiful, and it can feel its good decoration. The flatness of the sheet is also important, and the natural warpage is as small as possible.


 3. Consider natural and man-made. Natural patterns such as

 textures, tree knots, and thorns on natural plates

have a unique and unique aesthetic and strong plasticity. and the price is expensive. Artificial boards may not look as precious as natural wood. but have more stable quality and special effects.


 4. Decorative panel selection Pay attention to the selection of plywood. with similar wood grain and color.


 · MDF Classification


 MDF, also known as fiberboard,  made from wood fiber or other plant fibers. According to the difference of its quota. it divided into high-density board, medium-density board and low-density board.  which ae used for furniture making, door and window cover making, kicking line and so on.



recycling melamine board


· About Glulam, Particleboard, Multilayer?



It is an emerging solid wood material, which is deep-processed and imaged by fingers. The green material of the glulam is superior. so it is generally more expensive than the blockboard. It is generally used for wardrobes, closet cabinets and bookcases. The cabinet has a natural texture that can painted .


 Particleboard: It is the main material of cabinets and wall cabinets. and the medium density board formed by pressing powdered wood chips. In contrast, the nail holding force of the MDF is worse than that of the particle board, and the screw is prone to loosening after screwing. Rarely used to make cabinets.


 Multi-layer board: Also called three-layer board, because the number of layers is different. it is generally used for furniture backboard or drawer bottom board, kick line and so on.



melamine mdf board


· The Main Difference Between Particleboard And MDF?


 The weight of particleboard and MDF is similar. The difference is that the particleboard is better than the MDF. The MDF has more glue than the particleboard.


 How To Judge The Pros And Cons Of The Board From The Appearance


Whether the surface is flat,

whether there is warpage or deformation,

whether there is blistering or dent,

whether the core strips arranged,

whether the core strip  rotted, broken, wormhole or thrift.


 · To select plates that are neat and flat and have no defects, complete logos, and high brand awareness.


 ·The appearance and decoration of the board surface: the board surface texture is clear and the arrangement rules. the appearance and the color coordination are excellent.


 Article Summary: About Melamine chipboard manufacturers Teach you how to choose a plate. introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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