Melamine cabinets selection and maintenance

- Aug 05, 2019-

 what are kitchen cabinets made of


white melamine cabinets refer to furniture made of medium density fiberboard. or particle board melamine finish veneer. A large part of the melamine cabinets diy are wood grain texture cabinets. The melamine veneer of some melamine garage cabinets sold on the market is more. and more realistic, gloss. The production of melamine cabinets with high technology. and good plate and hardware accessories.  melamine cabinet construction have fine edge sealing, smooth, good feel, straight. and smooth lines. and fine joints. The professional manufacturer uses the straight line edge sealing machine to. complete the process of  melamine closet cabinets sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering, polishing. The melamine board glue is uniform, the pressure of pressing and sealing edge is stable. and the precision of machining dimension. can adjusted to the most suitable part to ensure the most accurate size.


melamine cabinet construction

melamine kitchen cabinets pros and cons


white melamine cabinets advantages:


- environmental protection. Furniture board typeis high to lumber use rate, leftovers can used on. In a world where trees are scarce, melamine doors onlinee lightens the burden on nature.


- lots of styles. The color of board type furniture. and quality of a material rely on veneer effect. contrast is black melamine cabinets real wood furniture. furniture board type design is richer.


- kitchen cabinetry is easy to disassemble and assemble. In contrast to heavy solid wood furniture. board furniture is usually connected by metal hardware. easy to remove and install, convenient to transport.


 cons of melamine cabinets:


- melamine kitchen cabinets used glue adhesive in manufacturing process. contain a few formaldehyde so in furniture, have certain damage to the body. When choosing board type furniture so, must choose regular manufacturer yue shan.


- some wood selection is a thin veneer of wood, so there is a sense of repetition on the pattern. compared with solid wood furniture, the lack of natural feeling.


Solid wood advantage


- Melamine White solid wood integral ambry belongs to natural environmental protection product.  the price is expensive it is a bit main. Solid wood cabinets painted so that they do not damage the interior material. so that the paint will come off or dent after metal products or other sharp sharp objects collide


melamine kitchen cabinets design selection method


Method 1:  solid wood cabinets quality is very important


See melamine board quality. sealing edge wants exquisite, smooth, feel good, horizontal level is vertical. joint is fine. besmear glue even. Yueshan products with linear edge sealing machine to complete the edge sealing. breaking, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes. press and paste edge sealing pressure stability, processing size precision. can adjusted to the most appropriate parts.  ensure the most accurate size, and quality stability


Method 2: perforating horizontal relation box structure firmness


affordability of melamine kitchen cabinets is to rely on 3 in-one join piece to assemble.  need to hit a lot of position hole in plank, the structural firmness that the match of hole position. and precision can affect amcabinet box use of professional factory of . many row drilled complete all hole on a board edge. and board face at one time, position standard unified, dimension has assurance


Integral ambry choose and buy skill


white melamine cabinets

Method 3: cutting plate cutting precision standard high


The opening of the plate is also a very important procedure. The electronic cutting saw. used by big factories to input the processing size through the computer. and the size and precision controlled by the computer. and several plates processed at one time. the specification is very uniform, stable, the tolerance is small, and the edge of the plate is not stubble


Method 4: the choice of cabinet doors


Door plank is the face of melamine cabinets. good door plank colour and lustre is positive, bright-coloured. not easy lose color, not easy affected by damp be out of shape.  not easy in edge open seam rise drape, not easy infiltration besmirch oily soiled. not easy occurrence Nick and hard injury.


Method 5: the assemble effect of a complete set of kitchen cabinets


Any size error in the production process will lead to the cabinet. assembled on the solid wood grain door panel has obvious discomfort. the door panel should be horizontal, horizontal. and vertical, the gap of the door panel uniform. look very neat, have an eye to go, can not be slack.


Method 6: look at the slide of drawer


This is an important link that affects to used henceforth. the stand . or fall of the hardware of melamine kitchen cabinets affects to used henceforth. and also be an important component that affects melamine cabinetsprice. Hole position and plate size will affect the installation of hardware. any potential melamine resin failure will lead to the drawer switch is not convenien. easy to loosen, transfer, large seam, the sound will be large.


high end melamine cabinets maintenance method


- hot kettle these kitchen utensils . baked from the hot stove contact with the counter of the wood pieces cabinet.  and finally can placed on the pot rack, cool and put on the  counter surface


 -for all kinds of cabinets, this is a damaged natural enemy, not to mention plate cabinets. if you touch salt on the stainless steel table, there is also the possibility of rust. so the Melamine veneer kitchen soy sauce bottles. and other items as far as possible to avoid direct installation on the surface of cabinets.


-avoid the bottle containing colored liquid on the table of the wood veneers cabinet. if the colored liquid overflowed, it will cause the table to stained and other stains remain.


-avoid hitting and scraping the table with sharp or dense items. so as not to cause scratches on the table of the board cabinet.

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