Melamine board sizes and melamine board colors selection

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melamine color chart

Solid color white melamine. antique white.  black melamine. brown melamine board. grey melamine
wood rain melamine board colors wild cherry. hardrock maple.  fusion maple. grove myrtle. natural maple.   black walnut.   african mahogany. silver frost. wild apple. rustic alder. american black.   hardrock maple. wild cherry. chocolate pear. knotty pine. executive cherry. honey maple. cherry blossom. summer flame. pear tree. natural maple. dark teak. fusion maple. natural oak. oyster pine. river rock. sand pine. white oak. cordoba pine. mdf crossbands.  
 edge banding.  melamine color. as your request
custom colorbased on your special order. 

colored melamine sheets 

      The full name of the furniture board. is a melamine-impregnated thin-film paper single-plate melamine panels board. It is a decorative material.  which formed by laminating a melamine mdf surface paper impregnated.  with a melamine resin, a decorative paper, a cover grey melamine sheets paper.  and a plurality of layers of the bottom paper impregnated with the melamine plywood. and then hot-pressing at high pressure. The melamine colors boards. with single board called melamine resin decorative melamine color chart.

put cutting melamine board color. and texture of the surface paper into the melamine resin adhesive.  then dry it to a certain degree of solidification. and then put it on the brown melamine board. medium-density fibreboard, textured melamine sheets, solid wood board and other board. After hot pressing melamine board. various decorative  melamine shelf with different functions formed.


what is melamine

melamine panel size 


     Decorative melamine panels can e imagined to used for black melamine sheets decoration. so there are many melamine walnut specifications.  melamine closet panels specifications are a kind of scientific wood. or natural wood planed into a sheet, adhere to the plywood surface material.

      The common size of decorative panel is 2440mm ≤ 1220mm, 1000mm ≤ 2000mm. 1220mm ≤ 2000mm, 1200mm ≤ 3000mm. The thickness of the decoration panel is usually 3mm, but there are also some other thickness 0.9mm, 1.2mm. 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.7mm ≤ 3.0mm, 3.6mm, etc.,

      the thicker the performance. the more true the solid wood feeling after paint. the clearer the texture and the better the color saturation. 

colored melamine  feature


      Melamine veneer has excellent performance of natural wood. so it used in the decoration of indoor buildings and all kinds of furniture and cabinets. The melamine board is a wall decoration material. It is not appropriate to use a melamine board to fake a composite floor for ground decoration.

-It can used as a veneer for various artificial boards and wood. and has the advantages of high hardness. good wear resistance and good heat resistance.

-The chemical resistance is generally good. and can resist the abrasion of the common solvent such as acid, alkali, grease and alcohol.

-The surface is smooth and smooth and easy to maintain and clean.

 melamine board  advantage


-this kind of decoration material has a lot of fancy varieties, which gives consumers a lot of room to choose.

-The decorative plate made of melamine impregnated paper. has the advantages of high hardness. wear resistance, heat resistance, strong water resistance. corrosion resistance and so on, and is easy to clean at the same time.

-the appearance of this kind of melamine impregnated paper melamine board is bright and smooth.  which is often used in furniture with high requirements for floors, tables, door panels and so on.

melamine laminate sheet


melamine furniture selection


       Melamine paper is one of the resin adhesive used to make this kind of plank. The paper with different melamine walnut colors or texture soaked in the resin. and dried to a certain degree of curing. It laid on the surface of particle board. medium density fiberboard or rigid fiberboard. and the brown melamine made of hot pressing. The name of the specification. is melamine impregnated rubber film paper surface wood-based board. It said that its cyanamine board is actually a part of its finishing ingredients. Generally divided into surface paper, melamine decorative paper. covering paper and bottom paper and so on. The surface paper placed on the top layer of the melamine panels to protect the decorative paper.  so that the surface of the heated and pressurized board is transparent. and the surface of the board is hard and wear-resistant.

      This kind of paper requires good water absorption. white and clean, and transparent after soaking glue. Decorative paper, that is, wood grain paper. is an important part of grey melamine sheets. with background color or no background color. printed into a variety of patterns of decorative paper. placed under the surface paper, plays a decorative role. this layer requires the paper to have good covering power, immersion. and printing performance. Covering paper, also known as titanium white paper. is generally placed under decorative paper when making light color grey melamine sheets. to prevent the bottom phenolic resin from permeating the surface. Its main function is to cover the color spots on the surface of the substrate. So, it required to have good coverage. The above three kinds of paper immersed in melamine resin .

      The bottom melamine furniture  is the melamine walnut material. of the decorative plywood laminates board. which plays an important role . in the mechanical properties of the melamine color options. It made of phenolic resin adhesive after drying. and several layers can determined. according to the use or the thickness of the black particle board sheets in production. In the selection of this kind of panel furniture.  too to color and gray m elamine panel texture satisfaction.  but also from several aspects to distinguish the appearance quality. There are no stains, scratches, indentation, pores, brown melamine color luster is uniform. there is no bubbling phenomenon, there is no local paper tear or defect phenomenon.

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