Making a whole melamine cupboards, what is the choice of materials?

- Apr 25, 2019-

melamine cupboards colours material choice

Make the whole melamine cupboards, choose the material is very

particular, according to different application scenarios, we will have

 different melamine cupboards material requirements, let's talk

 about the choice of home decoration for the cupboards production:

 choose composite multi-layer solid wood or moisture-proof

 melamine board suitable for the right Environmental protection

 requirements are high, practical and use a long-term

 home environment, allowed friends can be the best choice.

melamine cupboards prices


water damage melamine cupboards

        Composite solid wood, moisture-proof board (so-called

 moisture-proof only has effect on the moisture in the air) Solid

 wood paint-free board: that is, moisture-proof and

 environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, more than ten years

 of experience is enough for wardrobes with moisture-proof panels

 is not the same select.

Is melamine toxic?

        Regular manufacturers produce medium-density board for particleboard. MDF is also called MDF. It pressed by wood powder and has better flatness. It is more suitable for boring and milling. It is usually used to make door panels. The particle board is moisture-proof relative to the moisture-proof board. The performance is

 much worse, the green core anti-moisture agent is less, and the

 wood is prone to mildew and decay in the long-term environment.

 Fair melamine cupboards prices

        Small factories produce particleboard at low cost. Most small factories consider cost. Generally, particle board (that is, solid wood particle board) adopts ordinary glue, and the cost is the lowest among the three materials.

melamine cupboards

        Melmiane board (refers to the ecological board produced by small workshops) large core board or sandwich board plus double-sided paste tripolymmonia surface, quality: easy to break or deform, and environmentally friendly glue. All use industrial glue, the cost is relatively low.

         Article Summary: About Making a whole melamine cupboards, what is the choice of materials? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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