Kitchen cabinet customization process

- Dec 10, 2018-

What Is The Process Of Kitchen Cabinet Customization ?

        Customization of cabinets is becoming more and more popular. While choosing to decorate, owners are generally confused. They do not know how to choose cabinets. First, they do not know how to choose the size, and second, they are not familiar with the materials of cabinets.

        Step 1: Select a manufacturer with high quality, service and style, and then confirm the order.

        Step 2: Sign an order, measure with the designer at home, and negotiate the appointment time with the designer to ensure the customization of cabinets.

        Step 3: According to the design and layout of the kitchen, as well as the location of the water circuit and electrical appliances, draw customized drawings of cabinets.

        Step 4: measure the strict seam of the whole cabinet, determine the standard and make a reasonable construction plan for the cabinet in Xi'an.

        Step 5: Sign a supply contract with the merchant.

        Step 6: The manufacturer delivers goods and installs cabinets for consumers according to the contract time according to the regulations.

        Step 7: Consumers check the cabinets in Xi'an and accept signature payment.

Consumers should pay attention to the contract must write out the after-sale security services to protect consumers'rights and interests.

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