Key Points for Selection of Plywood

- Oct 01, 2018-

plywood types selection


Selection points


1) Plywood of different types, grades, materials, decorations. and formats selected according to the engineering properties, using parts and environmental conditions.


2) Plywood with precious wood veneer should selected for decoration.


3) Plywood used for interior decoration of buildings should comply with GB50222 "Code. for Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings".


4) In the case of hidden part which may damped. and high water-proof need, the type I or II plywood should selected. and the type I plywood should selected for outdoor use.


5) Transparent varnish (also known as clear oil) needed for panel decoration. so on keep the natural color and texture of wood surface, the selection of panel material. pattern and color should emphasized; if the pattern and color of panel need not considered,. plywood grade and category should also selected according to the environment and cost.


hardwood plywood material specific

1. Flat rectangular building material panels

 (such as plywood, metal, concrete and plastic panels)

of standard size are usually made, and they  used as components of walls, ceilings or floors.


2. Thick blank boards.


3. Metal plate forged, rolled or cast.


4. The boards are:

 large core board density board decoration panel,

 three-centimeter board,

five-centimeter board,

nine-centimeter board,

twelve-centimeter board,

waterproof board,

gypsum board, cement board, paint-free board baking board

 (reference: Ningbo Aijia Luke Wood Industry Board Co., Ltd.)


A general term for lumber and square sawn from logs. The width is more than three times the thickness of the "board";

the width is less than three times the thickness of the rectangular wood called "square wood". It is a used material in furniture manufacturing and civil engineering.


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