Is the melamine side panel for furniture decoration really formaldehyde free?

- Apr 19, 2019-



Drilled melamine side panels, usually made of standard rectangular

 flat rectangular panels of construction material for walls, ceilings or floors. Also refers to metal high gloss melamine side panels forged, rolled or cast. It divided into thin plates, medium plates, thick 

plates, extra-thick plates, and flat rectangular building material 

boards that are usually made of standard size. The panels used for 

decoration include melamine side panels,melamine faced board, 

veneer, melamine mdf and fine wood. For these types of uses, 

advantages and disadvantages, as you are about to decorate, do you understand? Let's take a comprehensive look at the classification of 

the melamine side panels used for decoration. Advantages and disadvantages.

Is the melamine side panel for furniture decoration really formaldehyde free?


Wood Board

 The wood board (known as the large core board) is a plywood with a solid wood core. The vertical direction (different from the

 core melamine side panel) is inferior in bending strength, but the

 transverse bending strength is high. Most of the market is now

 solid, glued, double-sided sanding, five-layer blockboard, which is

 one of the most used plates in decoration.


 A. Blockboard has good clamping force and high strength. It has the characteristics of firmness, sound absorption and heat insulation. The moisture content of blockboard is not high, between 10% and 13%. It is easy to process and used for furniture, doors and windows. Sets, partitions, false walls, heating covers,

 curtain boxes, etc., are the most used.

 B. Because the interior is solid wood strip, the requirements for 

processing equipment are not high, which is convenient for on-site construction.


 A. Because of the large amount of urethane glue used in the

 production process of wood board, the formaldehyde emission is 

generally high, and the environmental protection standards are 

generally low, which is why most wood board tastes pungent.

 B. At present, most of the wood board in the market icut corners during production. When the solid wood strip spliced, the gap is large, and there is a void inside the board. If the nail nailed in the gap, there is no nail holding force.

 C. The solid wood strip inside the wood board is longitudinally spliced, so the vertical bending resistance is poor, and the long-term force will cause obvious lateral deformation of the board.

 D, the solid wood strip inside the wood board is different in material, the density is different, only after simple drying treatment, it is easy to warp and deform; the structure is distorted and deformed, which affects the appearance and use effect.

 E. Because the surface of the wood board is rough, when the woodworking site is processed, a lot of glue or paint is usually used in the surface treatment. Therefore, the furniture made from the board is not environmentally friendly, which is also the main reason why the decoration is very exciting. The reason is that such on-site furniture is the culprit of carcinogenicity and genetic mutations, and the damage to the human body is very large.

melamine faced board

 Particle board

 Particleboard is a piece of buds, small-diameter wood, fast-growing wood, wood chips, etc., which are cut into certain specifications, dried, mixed with rubber, hardener, water repellent, etc., and pressed at a certain temperature and pressure. A wood-based panel is called a particle board because its section is similar to a honeycomb.

 Adding certain materials such as “moisture-proof factor” or “moisture-proof agent” inside the particleboard has become a moisture-proof particle board that people usually talk about. It is called a moisture-proof board. It has a certain moisture-proof effect because the particle board itself has strong moisture resistance and absorbs moisture. The post-expansion coefficient is small, and it is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets, etc., but in reality, it has become a tool for many inferior particleboards to cover a lot of internal impurities. Adding green dyeing agent inside the particleboard has formed the green-based particleboard that is currently said by the market. Many manufacturers use it to mislead into a green board. There is no scientific basis. The particleboards of top brands at home and abroad are actually mostly colored substrates.


 A, has good sound absorption and sound insulation; particle board insulation, sound absorption

 B. The inside is a granular shape with a cross-displacement structure, the performance in each direction is basically the same, the structure is relatively uniform, so the nail holding power is good, and the lateral load-bearing force is good.

 C. It has strong moisture-proof performance and has a small expansion coefficient after absorbing water. It is widely used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environmentally-friendly cabinet products.

 D, the surface of the particle board is flat, the texture is realistic, the weight is uniform, the thickness error is small, the pollution resistance, the aging resistance, the appearance are beautiful, and the paint and various veneers can be carried out;

 E. In the production process, the amount of glue used in the particleboard is small, and the environmental protection factor is relatively high.


 A. The inside is a granular structure, which is not easy to be milled;

 B. It is easy to cause violent teeth when cutting boards, so the requirements for processing equipment are high;

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