Is melamine board safe for use in furniture boards ?

- Jul 31, 2019-

Is black melamine board furniture toxic ?

Is melamine board toxic? melamine surface can achieve high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance and other characteristics. melamine veneer will determine the stability of the chemical properties, you can't trust furniture dealers, but element attribute this kind of thing will not deceive people, so the high-grade melamine furniture polish through sampling inspection qualified, just because the non toxic melamine is not be eaten, won't cause harm to human body, under normal circumstances will not volatilize, does not cause melamine toxicity to human body. Just outside the melamine furniture board itself, the toxicity is very small and relatively stable. After curing, there is no free toxicity. So, are melamine finish on wood toxic? The answer is no. If you worry. You can buy formaldehyde free melamine sheets.

black melamine board

What is Melamine Laminate Used Medium-density fibreboard ?

melamine sheet, also known as melamine board, is based on particleboard and density board with melamine impregnated paper as finishing agent. The color and texture of the surface of the furniture depends on the effect of the veneer. At present, the mainstream board type furniture on the market is basically made by melamine board. What do you mean, melamine board, do you understand? In fact, most of the furniture we use is made of melamine boards. melamine shelving is a non-lacquer board, the industry like to call it ecological board, full name is melamine impregnated plastic film paper decorative board. Paper of different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin glue, then dried to a certain degree of solidification, and then coated on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, joinery board or other melamine boards for cabinets, which is made by hot pressing. In the production process, it usually consists of several layers of paper, the amount depends on the use. Because use fire prevention, prevent wear, waterproof immerse processing, the effect and compound wood floor are identical. Therefore, this plate corrosion resistance, the general acid, alkali and other solvents can not destroy it. In addition, its melamine finish is smooth and smooth, easy to clean.

The characteristics of melamine board shelving furniture

Melamine board is a good performance of the board. This material can reproduce any pattern at will, and the colors are very bright. It is usually used for various wood-based or wood finishes. 2, melamine board hardness, with good wear resistance and heat resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance and can resist the erosion of common solvents such as acid, alkali, grease and alcohol. 3. The surface of melamine decorative panel is bright and clean, easy to maintain and clean. Because it has the excellent performance that natural wood cannot have at the same time, it is often used for interior architecture and all kinds of furniture and cabinet decoration. Melamine board is a kind of wall decoration material. 4. The polycyanide plate itself is less toxic, more stable in performance, and will not be free after curing. Whether the melamine board used to make furniture pollutes the air depends on the substrate (particle board, solid board, medium density fiberboard, etc.). If the formaldehyde emission of the base material meets the environmental protection standards, melamine board will not contaminate the furniture materials.

is melamine furniture safe

How to choose melamine veneer furniture?

1.At present, most family-oriented melamine board furniture is based on medium density board and particleboard. Compared with the latter, the performance of medium density board is better than that of the latter. Medium density board internal structure is even, adhesion is greater than particleboard, small deformation, smooth surface, strong nail retention. Therefore, with the medium density board as the base material melamine board is more durable, can give full play to the characteristics of board furniture, resistance to assembly. Particle board texture is relatively loose, nail grip is poor, lower than the cost of the former. 

2. When choosing melamine veneer decorative board furniture, consumers should not only consider the satisfaction of color and texture, but also distinguish the appearance quality from several aspects: whether there are stains, scratches, indentation, pores, uniform color, no bubble phenomenon, no local paper tear or defect phenomenon, non toxic melamine etc. 

3, melamine decorative panel should pay attention to the back board material, ordinary wood, poplar good, wutong wood easy to drum. melamine board shelves is not well defined.

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