I never thought that the original melamine board furniture was greasy here.

- Apr 18, 2019-


If the world has a soul, then the high gloss melamine board

 furniture and wood bedroom e are the soul of the melamine board furniture. The practicality of a product is actually attributed to its

"inner", an environmentally friendly and practical melamine board

 furniture, a durable and affordable hardware that determines how

 many years a 15 mm red melamine board furniture can go with you. So today, let’s explore the inner beauty of the melamine board furniture with Editor~

I never thought that the original melamine board furniture was greasy here.


Evaluation Content - Melamine Board Furniture Melamine Board Furniture

 Multi-layer solid wood board: The multi-layer solid wood board 

is made of three-layer or multi-layer sheet glue, which has the 

characteristics of good stability, strong nail holding force and not

 easy to deformed, so it favored by consumers.

 But, the use of multi-layer solid wood panels because of the use of solid wood has led to a higher cost. Everyone knows that whether

 the board is environmentally friendly lies in the production 

process and glue of the board, and each layer of the multi-layer 

solid wood board has a brush and a hot press, and the glue used

 much, and the environmental protection reduced.

 Solid wood particle board: Solid wood particle board is also called particle board. It made into solid particles and then glued and glued. There is a gap between the particles and the particles of the plate. Even if the plate is wet for a long time, there is room for 

expansion, so the moisture resistance is good and the nail holding power is strong.

 In addition, the solid wood particle board is easy to clean, scratch resistant and high temperature resistant, and it is very usable. At the same time, the glue used in the production process does not have more layers of solid wood boards, and the environmental protection is better. It is the darling of the melamine board furniture company because of its high performance in all aspects.

melamine mdf board

 Evaluation content - hardware

 Hinge: The hinge has a quick hinge and a damper hinge. The quick-fit hinge is easy to install, but it has no cushioning effect. When the door is closed, it will be “clicked”; while the damper hinge will add a damper to the quick-fit hinge. When you close the door, there will be a buffer. Effect.

 Drawers: Drawers can be divided into three sections of guide rail pumping, steel plate pumping, bottoming wood pumping and luxury riding damping, and the quality is increased in turn. The three-section guide rail and the steel plate guide rail have poor structure, no buffering effect and low bearing capacity.

 The bottoming pumping and luxury riding damping are damped, and the closing door has a cushioning effect, quiet and silent. The difference between the two is that the sides of the bottom are pumped on both sides, while the sides of the luxury riding damping are steel plates, and the structure of the rails is slightly different. The weight of the wooden pumping is not as strong as the riding.

 The most used hardware brand on the market is Blum. Luxury riding dampers are used as high-quality drawers, but few merchants use it as a standard, because its quality determines its price is not cheap. However, brands such as Jumei Yinshang melamine board furnitures are equipped with horse-riding and Blum damper hinges as standard. Therefore, when you buy melamine board furnitures, you must understand the configuration of the melamine board furnitures, especially the melamine board furnitures and hardware, and choose melamine board furnitures with good quality and high cost performance.

 Article Summary: About I never thought that the original melamine board furniture was greasy here introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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