How to identify the quality of the board inside the wardrobe?

- Apr 20, 2019-

        Many times consumers tend to pay more attention to the appearance of the wardrobe when customizing the wardrobe, while ignoring the intrinsic quality of the wardrobe. In fact, the door panel of the wardrobe is even more beautiful, then luxurious, and the quality of the cabinet is not closed, which will reduce the life time of the wardrobe and endanger human health. So when we choose the wardrobe, we need to pay more attention to the cabinet. Let's take a look at how to distinguish the quality of the cabinet.

melamine faced particle board use in kitchen

What is the structure of the wardrobe?

The cabinet structure of the wardrobe is composed of a side panel, a back panel, a bottom panel, a partition panel. Its function in the closet is like the skeleton of the human body. The material and structure of the cabinet board are crucial in the whole wardrobe. Although the cabinet is usually covered by exterior decorations such as cabinets and door panels. However, a set of wardrobes is strong, environmentally friendly, and can be used stably for a long time, and most of them rely on a good cabinet.

But how to distinguish the quality of the cabinet panel? Here are three tips for you:

First, the choice of wardrobe panel glue.

In addition to the particle board itself meets certain environmental standards, high quality hot melt glue and edge banding are also very important. If the inferior glue is used for edge sealing, the smell of the product will be very pungent and become a new source of formaldehyde pollution. So this also has a lot to do with the wardrobe brand, not all wardrobes can do it.

Second, the selection of the substrate.

The cabinet panels of the wardrobe are mainly particleboards. There are three main types of particleboard materials in the market, imported particleboard, domestic famous particleboard, and low-end domestic particleboard. The brand, thickness and environmental protection level of the cabinet are the standard of measurement.

Third, the stitching method of the wardrobe panel

More advanced fourth-generation three-in-one wood connectors are assembled to facilitate precise connection. It consists of three parts: embedded part, connecting nut and raking, which makes the weight of the cabinet more firm and avoids other defects caused by screw connection.

Tips for board selection:

1. If it is to ensure that the panel of any size can be sealed at the factory. Moreover, the installation site, regardless of the damage, will be sealed with tin foil, then this particle board (particle board) can still be selected. Don't worry about formaldehyde. On the contrary, it is necessary to choose carefully.

2. If I buy furniture at home and make furniture, I think I can choose from multi-layer solid wood composite veneer (scientific name: plywood). Although it is also a solid wood "splicing", the processing level is much stronger than the blockboard, and the quality is more reliable. At the same time, in terms of service life, multi-layer solid wood composite panels are also stronger than ordinary blockboard.

3. If you choose Blockboard, the melamine board with finish is the first choice. Try not to choose the large core board that needs to be painted. There are many brands of melamine boards, and the concept of playing is also complicated. But keep in mind one: the edges are tight, there is no obvious deformation and cracking, it is better.

melamine faced particle board veneer

The above is the quality identification method of some cabinets that I introduced for you. I would like to let you know more about the quality of the board inside the wardrobe. I hope this will help everyone,please feel free to click on discover our entire product.

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