How to identify the high quality of plywood?From his grades or types?

- Apr 12, 2019-

First, what is plywood?

Plywood veneer is commonly known as panels and thin core board. It is one of the earliest artificial boards used in the decoration industry. Plywood sheets are a slab that is vertically and horizontally staggered in the direction of wood grain after being glued. They are pressed perpendicularly to each other without heating. The classification of plywood is based on the thickness of the plywood. It is generally divided into 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT and 18 PCT.

High quality plywood use in kitchen

High quality plywood use in kitchen

Second, how to choose plywood?

Choosing plywood, in addition to the appearance, the inherent quality is more important. Plywood has three, five and seven plywood. In general, it is better to make furniture with ash, eucalyptus and Liuan. The following points should be mastered when selecting.


       (1) The panels has the difference between the front and the back. When selecting, the plywood should have a clear wood grain and and smooth front surface. The texture is best consistent, such as moiré, wind, rope, landscape and so on.



(2) Plywood should not be damaged, broken, insects, nail holes, dead knots, burrs and other defects.



(3) The plywood has no degumming phenomenon.


(4) Some plywood is made of two different kinds of veneer glue sticking together, so pay attention to the selection when the joint is tight, there is no unevenness. In particular, there should be no two different lines on a plywood board, otherwise it will hinder reasonable use, resulting in waste and affecting the appearance of furniture.


plywood sheet


plywood sheet

(5) When selecting the panels, care should be taken to select the panels that does not disperse the glue. You can use a wooden stick of about 50cm to gently pry the plywood to the various parts. The sound is well-proportioned and crisp, basically waiting for the inner panel; if the "shell" is muted, it is probably due to degumming or bubbling. The inherent quality problems caused. This type of board can only be used as a lining plate or a top plate and cannot be used as a fabric.



(6) When selecting the panels, pay attention to the color of the wood and the color of the furniture paint. Generally, the ash and eucalyptus plywood paints are light yellow, and the ochre furniture can be used. However, the Liuan panels has a deep and shallow color, and there is no problem in the light color finishing. However, dark colors can only be made into twilight furniture, but not light yellow furniture, otherwise the furniture will be dark. Although the dark color can be washed with ammonia water to wash the light yellow furniture, but the effect is not satisfactory after treatment, the color of the furniture will still change color after several years of use.

(7) On the corner of the regular plywood board, there are generally grade marks for reference.The grades of domestic plywood are: (first class), (second class), (third class), (etc.).Imported plywood is represented by "AA", "BB", "CC", "CC" - 2, 3, 4, etc. If the board is marked with "B", "C", "D", it is a plywood from Romania. If there is no imprint, it is likely to be bubbling or degumming. Please pay attention to this when selecting.


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