How to identify the blockboard and what are its characteristics?

- Apr 26, 2019-


The blockboard, also known as the large core board, is a wood profile made of logs and cored. The blockboard has the characteristics of :

uniform specifications, strong processability, non-deformation, and other materials. It is an indispensable wood product for wall decoration. and top decoration in home decoration

18mm blockboard

The Production Process Of Blockboard


The blockboard inserted into the interlayer. The sheet has poor nail holding power and large gap, and it is not suitable for sawing and cutting. Generally, it can only used in some small places for home decoration. Such as the cushion of solid wood flooring. The mechanism board is far superior to the manual board. The blockboard made by the big brand enterprise is dense in texture . and the sandwich tree has strong nail holding power. It can used as a decoration for various furniture, doors and windows, etc. Of course, blockboards machined.


What Are The Environmental Performance Of Different Blockboards?


The blockboard divided into two environmental protection grades, E0 and E1. If the large core board emits a fragrant wood smell, the amount of formaldehyde released is small. and vice versa.


What Are The Buying Skills Of Blockboard


(1) Observe whether there is any glue or greasy putty around it. If there is such a situation, there must be gaps or voids inside. Then use a sharp-nosed device to verify the surface of the tap and hear if there is a big difference in its sound. If the sound changes, there is a hollow inside.


(2) Surface sand luminosity. The high-quality blockboard is double-sided sanded. and the hand touch is very smooth, without bumps and undulations.


(3) Moisture content. The high quality blockboard is steam dried, and the water content can reach the standard, otherwise it is not up to standard.


(4) Environmental protection indicators. The large core board made of glue. and the composition of the glue is formaldehyde, and its content must be less than 0.5 mg/L. At present. all imported core materials made of foreign bio-adhesive core. This is also the main core material of eco-solid wood paint-free board. so it can used with confidence and the formaldehyde content is completely up to standard.


(5) Look at the thickness first (this method can also used for other wooden boards). For example, if the wood board with a thickness of 1.8 indeed 1.8mm, it can judged to be a good board. The thickness of the sheet on the domestic market is not up to standard, the sheet of 1.8 is better than 1.7mm, and the quality of the sheet is only 1.6 or even 1.6.


(6) Picking up the corner of the wood board: The poor board can hear the sound of a crack like a broken sound, but there is no sound. Besides, you can also see the amplitude of the shaking, the amplitude of the good board is very small. Because some sheets don't see anything from the outside before they used. once they are sawn, you can see the hollow part in the middle, mixed with miscellaneous wood. This kind of sheet is very easy to deform, you should be careful.


(7) The side of the kanban marked with the printing method to mark the brand and the specification. The non-formal sheet is only a sheet of the non-adhesive sticker.

18 mm blockboard use in kitchen

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