How to distinguish Particle board | MDF | Blockboard?

- Apr 22, 2019-

There are various kinds of sheet in the market. such as Particle board, MDF, Blockboard, Fireproof board and so on. So how do you identify them? I will introduce it to you here.

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What Is A Man Made Panel?


A man made panel is a board that pulverized or layered with wood or other materials (such as sugar cane bars). then added with an adhesive, and laid and laminated by high temperature hot pressing.


What Is The Classification Of Man Made Panels?


According to whether the physical structure of the wood is completely destroyed. the artificial boards can divided into two categories:


(1) One type is that the man made panels are free of physical structural damage to the logs. This kind of man made panels use the original wood. which bonded to reassemble a small piece of wood into a whole piece of wood, such as blockboard. But, because it glued, the mechanical properties are not as good as solid wood.


(2) There is also a kind of artificial board called plywood , known as thin core board. The logs cut, like a pencil sharpener. which cut down one by one. and made by pressing three or more layers of one-millimeter-thick veneer or sheet. The panel is generally divided into three specifications of 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT and 18 PCT (1 PCT is 1 mm). The high-quality products have smooth surface.

no degumming,

sand injury,


no obvious color difference,

no stains,

good dimensional processing precision,

small thickness deviation, gluing strength of 0.7Mpa, moisture content of 6-14%.


What Wood Grain Is There On The Veneer?


(1)Usually, the panel adopts peach core (Oguman),

red willow,

white willow,

mountain osmanthus,

astragalus, cologne, etc., and the core board is often made of poplar, mixed wood, and willow. due to environmental reasons (the raw materials of plywood are large logs). it has been rarely produced in China. There are plywood imported from South Asia on the market (where the logs are rich and the wood is good).


(2) Another type of man made panel is a man made panel. that has been completely destroyed by the physical structure of wood. which has been completely used as a base material. Particleboard, MDF, MDF are all in this category, often used in furniture production.


(3) The Base Material Of The Furniture:


a) Particleboard: An artificial board made by chopping, screening, mixing rubber.  adding waterproofing agent, etc. and then auxiliary molding and hot pressing. The board surface is flat, firm, high in physical and mechanical strength. consistent in longitudinal and transverse strength, and has the advantages of:

 light weight,

strong nail holding power, good moisture resistance and water resistance, and low deformation. Suitable for furniture planes. The disadvantage of particleboard is that it is not easy to bend. Compared with high-quality MDF. high-quality particleboard has the disadvantage of large particles. and medium-density board should used for painting, engraving and blistering processes.


b) Density MDF: It is an artificial board made by separating and treating wood or plant fiber.  incorporating adhesive and waterproofing agent, and then paving. forming and pressing at high temperature and high pressure. MDF currently refers to MDF in the general sense. The concept of MDF is:

using wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material. applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive to make a plate with a density of 0.50.88g/cm3. . A density of less than 0.5 is generally called a MDF, and a density of more than 0.88  called a high density board. The density of MDF is close to that of wood. its density is uniform, its mechanical properties are like those of wood. its hardness is soft and impact resistant. and it is easy to  reworked. It is especially suitable for curved surfaces and profiled designs. It is a kind of artificial plate which is popular in the world.


(4) What Is The Difference Between Particleboard And MDF?


The raw material of the particleboard is not completely pulverized into fibers. but pulverized into granules, which is generally called shavings. and then added by gluing. The MDF made by completely pulverizing the wood raw material into a fibrous form and then adding the rubber. The density of the particleboard is close to that of the medium density MDF. but since the particleboard pressed by the shaving material and added to the adhesive. the density is not as uniform as the density board.

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Ii. Blockboard: Also known as blockboard. because it uses glued solid wood strip as the core board.  and then sticks on the outside, as the name suggests, it called blockboard. Such sheets are generally used as substrates for doors, strips, etc., and are often used for decoration. The main materials are solid wood. but if the adhesive is not qualified, the Blockboard is the same as formaldehyde. Moreover, the internal wood block of some Blockboards has a large gap. and the wooden blocks are small and the physical quality is very poor.


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