How to choose the custom size melamine board wardrobe?

- Apr 26, 2019-

 Custom size melamine wood Wardrobe is a daily necessities in life. and one of the most important products in decoration. It is also one of the used items. so choosing beautiful and practical whiteboard wardrobe products is very important in decoration. and life.

How to choose the custom size melamine board wardrobe

Several Wood Board Introduce To You:


1, Plywood (Plywood)


 The line known as a thin core board. A three-layer or three-layer thin sheet made by cutting a log into a veneer or a wood chip. and then cutting it into a thin wood and then bonding it with an adhesive. The odd-numbered single-layer boards are usually used. and the fiber directions of the adjacent layer boards aligned and glued to each other.


 Advantages: The hardness of the splint is generally high. Since the material and the texture have staggered in the gluing process. the strength is large and the deformation is not easy.


 Disadvantages: Each layer of plywood glued together, so its environmental protection is poor.


2, Block Board (Large Core Board)


 The block board  known as the large core board, which made up of two pieces of veneer laminated in the middle.


 Advantages: Compared with particleboard and medium density fiberboard. block board has natural wood characteristics that are more in line with human natural requirements. It has the advantages of light weight, easy processing. good nail holding power and no deformation. It made of interior decoration and high-grade furniture. Ideal material.


 Disadvantages: In the production process of block board. there will be problems such as excessive formaldehyde emission. unacceptable transverse static bending strength. unqualified product moisture content, and low bonding strength.


3, Solid Wood Particle Board (Particle Board)


 The particleboard broken by logs and processed by high temperature and high pressure. The middle layer of the particleboard is wood chips. and the two sides organized wood chips, which pressed into plates. The surface layer is in the form of a powder layer, and the homogenized particle board is the best. The molecular structure of the particle board is tight and the bending strength is high. Advantages: good nail holding power, and the adhesive content is less than 5%, environmental protection number. High strength and stability. it is also one of the mainstream artificial stencils in the European furniture market.


 Disadvantages: The flatness of solid wood particle board is not as good as that of MDF. It is more difficult to make curvature such as curvature.

melamine shelf board

4, MDF


 Plant fiber is the raw material, and the plate made by the process of

fiber separation,




hot pressing,

sawing and inspection is one of the leading products of artificial board.


 Advantages: The material is thinner for edge sealing and it is not easy to open the glue. It's easier to make a shape, usually more door or back.



More glue used than particle boar. which is more likely to cause environmental problems. Poor moisture resistance, easy to deform water.


How To Select The Custom Size Melamine Board Wardrobe?


First, sliding door custom size melamine board wardrobe


 Also known as sliding door wardrobes or "one" shaped wardrobes, can embedded in the wall into the roof to become part of the home improvement. It divided into internal push-pull wardrobe and external push-pull wardrobe:

the push-pull wardrobe placed in the closet. which is strong in individuality, easy to integrate, more flexible, durable, easy to clean, and high in space use. external push-pull wardrobe The wardrobe door placed outside the cabinet. and most of them tailored to the needs of the elements in the home environment, and the space use rate is very high.


Second, the swing door custom size melamine board wardrobe


 The swing door wardrobe is a wardrobe that connected to the door panel and the cabinet by a traditional hinge opening method. The grade based on the door panel material and hardware quality. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe. The disadvantage is that it takes up more space.


Third, the open custom size melamine board wardrobe


 The open wardrobe has a strong storage function and is convenient. The open wardrobe is more avant-garde than the traditional wardrobe. Although it is very fashionable, the room neatness is high, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning . , there are many people's clothes. So home designers have designed open wardrobes.


 Article Summary:

About How to choose the custom size melamine board wardrobe introduced here, to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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