How to choose plate for custom furniture? gloss contiboard or particle board?

- Apr 18, 2019-


 The choice of decoration furniture and cabinets has always been the focus of the majority of owners! There are many kinds of 18mm thick melamine panel. the name of the school is very complicated. and the manufacturers will give the oak gloss contiboard a high name for the convenience of sales. resulting in a variety of names for the same plate. not to mention novices, many names have not even heard of many woodworking masters. And often I can't climb out of the pit.


 About solid wood and board, I have explained it to the owners many times, and the results have been minimal. I recently asked the owner about the private question, and sent it out today to discuss it with everyone. I hope that I can tell something new every time.


 I hope that the owners who have talked about it will also be helpful. Thus, the full text is longer, the newspaper is patient, and that there will be gains.

 gloss contiboard or particle board

 1. What Is The Particle Board?


 The particle board, according to the full name in China, is a "solid wood particle board". But, this is not a scientific name. The real scientific name is "particle board". the national standard GB/T 4897-2015 "particle board". The various solid woods broken into granules, and other non-wood plant chips mixed. and the base material is heat-pressed together with the adhesive as a board, which is a particle board.


 Particleboard this word sounds to drop a price a bit. countryman compares advocate real wood all the time. have a businessman to give particleboard again so "tall on" the name called "real wood grain board". but the person that makes real wood on the market sees this name very not happy, so regular meeting simplifies it for "grain board".


 China's particleboard standards and production processes imported from Europe. Europe is the origin of wood-based panels, the world famous aige board are from Europe (there are also domestic well-known bunny).


 From practical point of view, chipboard is actually very good. But, to save costs. many domestic enterprises will use urea-formaldehyde adhesive in large quantities as an adhesive. and at the same time. they cannot control the veneer. and edge sealing of particleboard well  leaving a bad impression on environmental protection


 At present domestic custom furniture blustery. a pile of brand not only their across the country. and listed or enter the ipo (Initial Public offering (Initial Public Offerings, "ipo") refers to a business or company (co., LTD.) to sell its shares to the Public for the first time (Initial Public offering. the company to the Public for the first time the issue of a Public offering)) process. But, no matter from the perspective of cost or processing. customized furniture still USES particleboard. and few of them use world-renowned brands. They are usually "independent research and development", which makes consumers suspicious.


 Domestic also has a lot of well-known board manufacturers, will have their own particleboard brand, such as YUESHan. , want to stick skin and sealing edge to had done only, formaldehyde release is not a problem.

melamine faced chipboard


 2. What Is Gloss Contiboard?


 gloss contiboard, there are a variety of call in the industry, the common call is free paint board and melamine board. A few years ago the name is still melamine board, but due to the Chinese dairy products pollution event. and then forced to change its name, the industry known as free paint board, also called gloss contiboard, but gloss contiboard is too general. because a lot of ecological environmental protection plate can also called gloss contiboard, so easy to confuse.


 gloss contiboard, in China has broad sense and narrow sense of two kinds of reference.


 Broad sense of gloss contiboard, aimed at the opponent is the need to brush the real wood board, equal to "paint-free board". Including paint-free particleboard, paint-free woodworking board, etc. In the narrow sense. the gloss contiboard aims at the "particleboard", which refers to the decorated solid wood splicing board. The national standard LY/T 2488-2015 is solid wood splicing board.


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