How to choose high quality MDF?

- Apr 24, 2019-

high quality mdf

      MDF made by immersing wood, branches and other materials in:water. and then hot grinding,paving. and hot pressing. MDF has : high impact resistance, high strength, uniform density. after pressing, and easy reprocessing. It is a good material for making furniture at home and abroad. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of MDF and how to choose MDF.

      medium density fibreboard used raw or coated due to its ideal surface smoothness. Due to its high bending and edge strength. it is suitable above all for use in high quality furniture and interior design. 

      Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF) are far denser than plywood and OSB. which is why they are generally used in the furniture industry. where a more durable board required. MDF has a smooth, unblemished face which makes it ideal for situations. where a high quality painted finish required. such as in shop fitting. where MDF sheets are often used for manufacturing counters, displays. and slat wall boards.

MDF Types

Medium Density

Used in routed/machined applications where a smooth, homogeneous finish required.

High Density Machining Grade

Used in routed/machined applications where a smooth, homogeneous finish required.

low Density

Used for molding and millwork where high processing throughput speeds. and detailed profiles required.

Does The MDF Contain Formaldehyde?

       Since the MDF pressed with glue, it will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. As long as the formaldehyde content does not exceed the standard. and meets a national standard it can also purchased. It is best to choose a MDF made of friendly glue when purchasing.

MDF board


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of MDF?

advantages of the MDF

-Easy to process, it can paint a variety of paint and the first material to do the paint effect.

-A variety of :printing paper,pvc. melamine impregnated paper. and other materials can decorated on the surface of the MDF.

-It can drilled, punched, used in architectural decoration projects.

-Good physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problems.

Disadvantages Of The MDF

- The content must be formaldehyde.

-The nail holding power is poor.

-Not waterproof, more susceptible to moisture.


MDF sheet application

     MDF sheet is a uniform density panel with a fine and smooth surface ideal for shaping and routing. MDF can painted, cut, machined and drilled without splintering or chipping.

      Standard MDF is a general purpose interior product. manufactured in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. FSC and E-Zero can supplied on request.

       Standard MDF can used for many applications. such as shelving, partitioning, panelling and furniture manufacturing.

       MDF is an engineered wood product. manufactured from pine fibre and resin compacted together. which makes its surface free of knots and grains that can make finishing difficult. and time consuming.

it can be use it:




Craft projects





MDF board sheet

MDF Sheets | MDF Board | Medium-density Fibreboard  Selecting Tips:

1.Environmental protection

 The MDF can divided into E0, E1 and E2 according to the environmental protection level. E0 grade formaldehyde emission is ≤0.5mg/L. formaldehyde content is the lowest. can used for interior decoration

2, Surface cleanliness

By looking at the surface cleanliness of the MDF, it is best to choose a surface with no visible particles.

3, Surface smoothness

For the smoothness, you can touch it by hand. If you feel embarrassed, it means that the processing is not in place.

4, Surface flatness

The surface should be smooth and flat. if it looks uneven from the side, it indicates a problem with the material or coating process.

5, The flexibility

If the board is very hard, it means there is a problem with the quality of the product.

6, Sawing and edge sealing effect

Customized furniture finishes are generally painted with a paint-free finish. There should be no obvious tooth blasting at the sawing site. The sealing edge should combined with five residual glues. If these phenomena occur, then the furniture processed. The raw materials used are poor.

7, Finish processing effect

When purchasing, check whether the surface is uniform, smooth, flat. the surface should have no obvious particles. the grain should be clear and full. If there is wrinkle and other phenomena, the substrate processing is poor.

8, Paint film hardness

Look at the hardness and gloss of the surface of the fiberboard furniture. You can wipe the surface with your hand to see if the paint surface is easy to wipe off. If this is the case, the hardness of the furniture is low.

9, Processing accuracy

Look at the front and side panels to see if the structure is stable, whether the local lines are smooth and full. if the production error is large, it will deformed during use, and the life surface will shortened.

high quality mdf supplier 

        Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood panel product. It  manufactured for furniture and joinery industries. The homogenous nature of Dongwha has consistency from surface to core. And its versatility allows intricate and precise machining. and finishing techniques when producing high quality furniture. cabinetry components, craft work and flooring.

      The strength and smooth surface of. Yueshan make it suitable for painting to achieve high quality finishing. and provide a uniform substrate for overlaying. Furthermore, it can worked with all conventional woodworking and hand tools.

      Yueshan also manufacture low emission product (E1, E0, CARB). Its formaldehyde content of standard grade MDF can vary. according to the nature of the urea formaldehyde or other resin. used as a binding agent. Low formaldehyde MDF. recommended for all applications where the ventilation is likely to restricted. where damp conditions or high ambient temperatures prevail. or where the occupants of a building have special needs. in sheltered accommodation, schools and hospitals, for instance.

       The binder or resin used for these types of product. developed to ensure they meet specific formaldehyde emission requirements . but at the same time maintain the strength. and the smoothness of the surface.

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