How to choose block board and solid melamine sheets

- Apr 17, 2019-


 Compared with glossy solid melamine sheets and medium density fiberboard. block board has natural wood characteristics . that are more in line with human natural requirements. It has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, good nail holding power and no deformation. It is an ideal for interior decoration and high-grade furniture. material.




The outermost board of the block board called the table, the inner board called the middle laminate melamine faced mdf. the core layer called the wood core board. and the small wooden strips that make up the wooden core board called the core strips. which stipulate the particle board grain direction of the core strip. For the longitudinal direction of the sheet.

How to choose block board and solid melamine sheets


The Main Effect Of Wood Core Board :


        It 's  to provide a certain thickness and strength for the board, the main effect of the board is to make the board has enough transverse strength. buffer at the same time because of the wood core board is not flat to bring bad influence to the board. table board besides to make the board beautiful, but also can improve the longitudinal strength of the board. Because joinery board is special plywood. also want to follow symmetrical principle at the same time in producing craft. to avoid plank warpage to be out of shape, serve as a kind of thick plank. joinery board has the beautiful appearance of common thick plywood and close intensity.  but joinery board compared thick plywood quality of a material light, consume glue little. investment saved. Compared with solid wood slab, joinery slab is of stable size and not easy to deform. which can overcome the anisotropy of wood and has higher transverse strength. Joinery board board beautiful, wide format, easy to use. Joinery board used in furniture manufacturing, door panel, wall panel, etc.


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