How to Choose and Maintain Board Office Furniture

- Jan 02, 2019-

1. Smell

Because panel office furniture made of wood-based panels, no

 matter what, it is unavoidable to have formaldehyde or paint smell,

 so through the nose we can determine whether the

 office furniture is worth buying.

2. Look at the details of office furniture

Melamine office furniture, look at the edge, if there is a

 clear edge explosion at the edge and plate interface, it shows that

 the processing technology of office furniture factory is not passable.

3. Touch

Is the surface of office furniture smooth and burr-free? Does it feel good?

4. Quantity

Measure the main functional dimensions of office furniture with tape measure.

5. Listening

Open the cabinet door, feel smooth and silent. Pull the drawer without blocking.

6. Questioning

Ask the brand of office furniture board, quality grade, paint brand,

 hardware brand, check the situation of manufacturers.

How to Maintain Editors

1. Place smoothly

The floor for placing panel office furniture must be level and the legs should balanced.

2. Dust removal

It is better to use pure cotton knitted cloth when removing dust from

 furniture, and then use soft wool brush to remove dust from dents or relief decorations.

3. shelter from the sun

Furniture placement is best not to exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sunshine will fade the paint film of furniture. Metal fittings oxidized and deteriorated. Wood is easy to be crisp. It's better to use curtains to protect furniture in summer.

4. Indoor humidity

That is to maintain indoor humidity, do not let furniture damp. In

 spring and autumn, the use of humidifiers should limited to

prevent damage to furniture due to excessive humidity, such as wood

 decay, metal rust, bonding parts easy to break off glue, etc.

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