How to check melamine plywood panels?

- Apr 17, 2019-

The quality of a piece of melamine plywood panels affects its use and value. Thus, it is necessary to check the quality of the product, and must carried out according to national standards, to buy the first-class sheet.


Plywood can inspected in three dimensions:

panel size, appearance quality and physical and mechanical properties.

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First, The Size:


Check whether the thickness, length and width of the board, the two diagonals and the warpage are in compliance with national regulations. Especially the length and width, the size can only have a positive tolerance, and no negative tolerance allowed.


Second, The Appearance Quality:


The national standard stipulate. that ordinary plywood divided into four grades according to material defects and processing defects:

special grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, etc.

The latter three grades are the main grades of ordinary plywood.

Each grade determined by visual inspection according to the defects allowed on the panel. and the allowable defects and processing defects of the backsheet and the inner layer limited.


Third, Physical And Mechanical Properties.


The national standard specified as moisture content and bonding strength, and is the most important two. When the national standard stipulates that the resin adhesive used. the moisture content should e controlled within the range of 6-14%. and the bonding strength should controlled within the range of 0.7-0.8 MPa.


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How To Carefully Check The Quality Of Melamine Plywood Pannel?


When checking for defects, some defects can affect the appearance. Such as live knots, cracks, decay, patches, edge defects, etc. According to the occurrence of more or less. as long as the standard allows, only the product reduced.                        


But, some defects affect the strength of the product such as bubbling, delamination, etc.. which is not allowed at any level. Some bubbling and delamination, if the area is large, the visual observation is easy to observe. But, if the area is small and difficult to observe, you can tap on any part of the board with a small stick. If the echo of the board is crisp and loud, it can judged that there is no bubbling or delamination. If the echo is heavy or dull, it indicates that bubbling or delamination occurs here.


How To Buy Melamine Plywood.


       1, By visual inspection.


       Plywood has the difference between the front and the back. When selecting, the plywood should have a clear wood grain, a smooth and smooth front surface, and no roughness. The board should not damaged, bruised, bruised, smashed, etc., and there is no degumming.


2, By check the seams.


      Some plywood made by sticking two veneers of different textures together. so it is necessary to pay attention to the seams of the sheet in the selection, and there is no unevenness.


3, Choose non-opening glue plywood.


       When selecting plywood, care should taken to select non-dispersed plywood. If the sound is brittle when the hands knocked on all parts of the plywood, the quality is good. If the sound is boring, it means that the sheet has ben scattered.


4, Pay attention to coordination with wood, furniture and other hue.


       When choosing a veneer, pay attention to uniform color, consistent texture. and the color of the wood coordinated with the color of the furniture paint.


5, Pay attention to environmental indicators.


       Pay attention to environmental protection indicators. and select low-formaldehyde release plywood produced by friendly glue.


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