How to calculate the price of the melteca board wardrobe?

- Apr 26, 2019-


 One of the furniture we store clothes, it is often placed in our bedroom. It is an indispensable piece of furniture in our family life. At present. the oak melteca board wardrobes on the market made of custom-made melamine board wardrobes. Calculate. which material is better for household melteca board wardrobes. the following article will introduce you to everyone.

How to calculate the price of the melteca board wardrobe?

How To Calculate The Price Of The Melteca Board Wardrobe?


1. Design cost


    Nowadays, the melteca board wardrobe made of custom-made melteca board kitchens,. So, the price of the melteca board wardrobe contains a certain design cost. At present, the price of the melteca board wardrobe design on the market is about 20 to 50 yuan/m2.


2, the melteca board wardrobe material costs


 The cost of the melteca board wardrobe material includes:

 the expansion area of the melteca board wardrobe. the front projection area and the extension of the meter price.


3. The cost of sliding door calculated .


 If you have a sliding door installed in your custom closet, you need to calculate it. The price on the market is usually around 800 to 1000 yuan/m2.


4, hardware costs


 The hardware of the cabinet includes:

sliding door buffers, damping wheels, pulleys, handles and other components. The price of these hardware is about 30 to 50 yuan each.


5, after-sales installation


 Nowadays, the custom melteca board wardrobes are free door-to-door installation.



laminate kitchens board


Which Kind Of Material Is Better For Household Melteca Board Wardrobes?


First, the large core board


1. What is a large core board?


    The large core board is a plywood with solid wood core. which has poor vertical compression resistance and excellent lateral compressive strength. It is one of the used panels for melteca board wardrobes.


2, advantages


 The large core plate has excellent clamping force. and high strength, and has the characteristics of sound absorption and heat insulation. The water content of the blockboard is usually low, and the processing is simple.


3, shortcomings


 The large core board will use a large amount of glue in the production process. the formaldehyde content is generally high, . and the environmental performance price difference will emit a lot of pungent smell.


Second, particle board


What is particle board?




 Particleboard is a kind of artificial board which made by cutting various branches. small-diameter wood. wood chips and other materials into pieces, drying them.  and adding high-temperature pressing with hardener, waterproofing agent and glue.


2, advantages



3, shortcomings


 The interior of the particleboard is a granular structure, and the milling type is troublesome. It is also prone to violent teeth when the sheet s cut. Thus, the requirements for the process equipment are high, which is not suitable for on-site production.


 Article Summary: About How to calculate the price of the melteca board wardrobe? introduced here to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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