How to buy wood grain panel materials?

- Apr 18, 2019-


The board is the main component of the wardrobe,. The wardrobe panels on the market use wood-based panels, while the use of solid wood is rare. The artificial board divided into:

a sheet, a particle board, a MDF, and a solid wood Melamine faced plywood, where in the MDF has high, medium and low density.


wood grain panel

1, Particle Board


Intermediate long wood fiber + fine wood fiber on both sides, pressed into a board. Particleboard:

Take the plantation,

the trunk of the natural forest,

the shaving of the branches or the shavings, formed by high temperature and high pressure. The advantage is that the expansion rate is small and the stability is strong. Suitable for humid environments such as kitchens. The disadvantage is that it cannot be surface-milled. The edge banding is easy to fall off


2, MDF


The wood broken, the original fiber pressed by high temperature. the surface is flat, the milling is easy,

the stability is good, and the nail holding power is strong

(because the MDF is a solid material, all the nail holding force is greater than the particle board). Etc. It is better than particleboard in strength and hardness. But there are also shortcomings that are not resistant to blisters. The amount of expansion after blistered is about 2 mm on one side. Thus, the MDF is more suitable for a drier environment such as a wardrobe.


3, Wood Plastic Louver


Wood-plastic louver has:






and alkali resistant,

washable, friendly,


not deformed, non-cracking

and has the function of flame retardant and self-extinguishing from fire.

The surface of the wood-plastic louver is good in smoothness,

no obvious defects, and the texture is stronger than the MDF. Moreover, the film adhered and has high strength, and it is not easy to foam in a sun exposure or a humid environment

The price is expensive, the quality of the narrow sliding door is lighter


4, Solid Wood Laminate Board


The solid wood Melamine faced plywood made of three-layer

or multi-layer veneer or thin plate through high-temperature and high-pressure board glue. multi-layer plywood with vertical and horizontal staggered as the base material,

supplemented with polymer glue, and the surface made of high quality solid wood. Leather or technical wood made of fabric, which made by several processes such as:

cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and curing.

The solid wood Melamine faced plywood pressed with uniform plywood,

with small deformation, high strength, good internal quality and smoothness.

Good degree,

and can produce 5-40mm different thickness of the laminate according to demand. The laminated board also has the characteristics of being

difficult to deform and the excellent performance . After the melamine finish, the surface of the board has a natural and real wood texture and feel


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