How to buy the main material of the cheap melamine shelving board?

- Apr 25, 2019-


 The main materials for the decoration of wood are

cheap melamine shelving board, integrated board, chipboard, MDF, veneer, etc.


 What Are The Uses Laminate Cheap Melamine Shelving Board In Their Home Furnishings?

How to buy the main material of the cheap melamine shelving board?

Cheap Melamine Shelving Board:


    The moisture-proof effect is good. The middle of the pantry cheap melamine shelving board made of natural wood strips. The two sides glued with very thin veneer. It is the most important material in the decoration. It can used for furniture and wooden doors and door covers, heating covers. , curtain boxes, etc., waterproof performance is better. When selecting, it should noted that the internal wood should not broken. The face of the cheap melamine shelving board is usually attached to the facing plywood. The wood used for the furniture and the like subjected to two processes of using an adhesive board and the cost is higher.


Integrated board:

not easy to deform This material processed by large-diameter logs and interlaced like fingers. Its environmental performance is superior, and the formaldehyde content is low and it is not easy to deformed.



pantry laminate melamine shelving


MDF And Particleboard:


Each of the good and bad particle boards is a plate made of natural wood pulverized into granules and then pressed. The MDF formed by pressing powdered wood chips, and the flatness is good, but the moisture resistance is poor. In contrast, the MDF has a lower nail holding force than the particle board, and if the screw loosened after screwing, it is difficult to fix it.


Facing Multi-Layer Board:


It is cheap and cheap, and the number of layers is different. The used board based on raw materials. The main use in the home decoration is the veneer plywood, which has already attached a very thin solid wood veneer to the three plywood in the factory. The veneer plywood is easy to use and inexpensive.


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