How to buy melamine plywood?

- Apr 16, 2019-

 thickness of plywood

We all know it’s hard for us to select qualified melamine plywood for we are not the expert of pannel industry.Therefore,here I will give you some tips about how to buy melamine plywood as follow.

thickness of plywood

The Introduction Of Plywood


       Plywood is a sheet that is formed by splitting and cutting a log into a large sheet along the annual ring. After drying and coating, the wood is oriented perpendicular to each other according to the direction of the wood grain of the adjacent veneer. The outermost front panel is called a panel, the reverse side is called a back panel, and the inner layer is called a core panel.

       The use of different thickness of plywood in the decoration project: the plywood is generally used for the door cover, window cover, skirting line, siding, furniture and other wood making layers. If you need a high-demand sheet, you can use a five-ply board instead of a three-ply board to make the top layer. The nine-ply board is generally used for the base layer of the baseboard, the door cover trim, the window cover base layer, and the furniture base layer.


High strength and good bending resistance. In some structural parts that require load bearing, the use of a thin core sheet will have a relatively higher strength.


Due to the consistency of the core material, the possibility of deformation of the core sheet is increased. Therefore, the thin core sheet is not suitable for a single-sided portion, such as a cabinet door.

Qualified Plywood Picking Tips:


(1) Plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth and smooth front, not rough, and should be flat.

(2) The texture of the plywood should be consistent, such as moiré, wind, rope, and landscape.

(3) Plywood should not be damaged, broken, worms, nail holes, dead knots, burrs and other defects.

(4) The seam of the splint should be tight and there is no unevenness.

(5) Care should be taken to select splints that are not loose. You can use a wooden stick of about 50cm to gently pry the plywood to the various parts. The sound is even and crisp. If the mute of the "shell" is issued, it is likely that the quality of the sheet is low due to degumming or bubbling. This type of board can only be used as a lining sheet or a top sheet and cannot be used as a fabric. On the regular plywood face angle, there are generally grade marks for reference, please pay attention when selecting.

Buy melamine plywood use in cabinet

Buy melamine plywood use in cabinet

Maintenance Tips:


(1) The panel should be prevented from cracking the citrus worm.

(2) Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time or too dry indoors. The surface of the board should be kept away from the air outlet or the heating hood. Because it is easy to crack the panel skin due to too dry, it will affect the life of the panel.

(3) Pay attention to moisture, avoid excessive indoor humidity, and prevent rainwater from entering. This is to avoid discoloration and mildew of the shaped plywood.

(4) If it is difficult to clear the surface dust, we can wipe it gently with a dry cloth or a wrung rag to avoid moldiness caused by too moist.

    I would like to let you know more about how to buy melamine plywood. I hope this will help everyone,please feel free to click on discover our entire product.


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