How furniture factories to choose Melamine Chipboard?

- Apr 22, 2019-

According to the pattern of sales in 2018, Melamine Chipboard is

 concentrated in cabinets, custom furniture, traditional panel furniture and other industries.     

Melamine chipboard

There are generally two directions: one is melamine veneer. The

 company purchases the plain board to the veneer factory

 for veneer processing, or the enterprise purchases the stick-faced

 product from the press-paste factory for production. The second is the veneer finish. Part of the process is to apply veneer and paint finishes,like oak particleboard. In the traditional furniture industry,

 due to the influence of inferior Chipboard in the past, the application hindered. Due to the strong intervention of products

 such as wood-based panels, the application of Chipboard has shown a rapid upward trend.

    (1) When  Using Melamine Chipboard , We Need To Consider The Following Aspects:

     First, the actual quality of the product.

This is a more important point. As furniture companies are currently mass-produced, edge-sealing, drilling, slotting and other processing techniques. The machining performance of the shavings board demanded. Whether the selected board meets the

 requirements for large-scale production of the enterprise, whether

 it meets the relevant national environmental protection level standards requires a key investigation. At present, only about 30% of

 the Chipboard products that can reach E1 in China, and only

 a few enterprises such as Yueshan wood-based panels that can

 achieve E0-level products or even meet the requirements of Japanese F.

      Second,Supplier supply capacity.

The size of the supplier's capacity is especially important for 

companies with large demand, and out of stock will bring 

immeasurable losses to the production of the company. To

 examine this point, one must look at the production capacity of Chipboard manufacturers. Second, we must look at its market allocation.

      Third, the technical capabilities of the supplier.

See if the company can provide large furniture with special

 specifications or special requirements.

     Fourth, the convenience and timeliness of supply.

It is also very important to see if suppliers have enough stocks in

 Guangdong Yueshan and whether logistics support is convenient. It

 can save a large amount of purchasing funds for furniture

 companies, and speed up the turnover rate and profitability of corporate funds.

      Fifth. Supplier sales service system.

Only suppliers with good sales services, such as timely solving technical problems encountered in production, timely and properly handle quality complaints, can truly guarantee the interests of furniture manufacturers.

Sixth. Is the price reasonable?

Under normal circumstances, the price is the more important factor in the selection of materials. The same size of particle board may have a price difference of 10-15 yuan/sheet. Not the lower the price, the better, the price of high-end E1 Chipboard (imported CPS line) should not be lower than the price of domestic line E2 MDF, so when choosing, we should fully examine its cost performance.

      Seventh. Supplier's brand influence.

 Downstream manufacturers also need to examine whether suppliers have strong brand influence and inspect the list of selected Chipboard materials for domestic first-line furniture companies. This is very important for the sustainable development of enterprises. Strong alliances can bring greater business opportunities to enterprises. In addition, brand linkages may also boost the marketing and marketing efforts of downstream partner companies.

      There is no doubt that the adoption of high-quality Chipboard will increase the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce operating costs and enhance brand image. It plays a key role in ensuring the normal and stable operation of the enterprise and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry!

melamine chip board use in kitchen

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