How does digital printing work

- Jul 24, 2019-

What is the printing process of digital printing?

Image transmission  stage.

The image sent to the digital printer device through a Printing press file. You can use a variety of formats, including, but not limited to, TIFF,PDF and PSD. Most experts agree that printing processes work best. when alternative printing process used for orders with fewer quantities and the most important image quality. There is also no pre-press phase between the document and the final product. Besides. types of digital printing bypasses many of the thorny problems posed by traditional printing technology. including the need for formatting equipment, such as photographic chemicals and film different types of printing services.


Digital printing process produces 

To reduce paper waste and improve production efficiency. Make sure the most space on the paper used for printing. Then print out the text or image. before printing, the electronic document file needs to converted to jpeg. tiff, bmp or gif format. The above format is sometimes referred to as a bitmap or raster image file. If the software you use is compatible, you can sometimes print PDF files.


digital printing press

Why Digital technology?


Digital production print technology is a new modern method of printing. It provides more options, functionality and flexibility than old methods.  such as offset printing or flexo printing. Today, we expect printing materials to be accurate. and up to date customers need printers to be able to produce cost-effective. high quality, short running color printing in the fastest time.


What is the advantages of digital printing 


High digital printing output quality:

compared with other options, this provides impressive quality and consistency. The colours displayed on the printed matter, and the rough lines are all right. In digital printing. the quality of each batch of cards, brochures or leaflets is the same as that of the first batch.



Because there is no need to print versions.  less investment required for construction.




Digital printing provides the most affordable solutions. customized marketing materials, direct mail and letters, business cards, etc.


Digital Printing Services supplier


melamine board can print digital on our flat-panel printer. Full-color photographic images have the ability to print white. Increase the opacity of the image. Melamine wood prints are durable and can configured in different shapes. Cover your face completely with vinyl. Use wood strength or printing to make grain gloss unique natural gloss. Yueshan popular digital printing application offers you the opportunity to print digital graphics on our high quality plywood. Yueshan can print your digital graphics on our melamine panel. We can press prints ultraviolet curing ink on certified sustainable melamine board with best possible printing solution. digital printing work surface effect of these digital presses is vivid and beautiful.



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