How about high-gloss kitchen cabinets?

- Jul 22, 2019-

high gloss kitchen cabinets

      High  glossy cabinets  have become popular. Two of the main reasons for this are the fact that  high gloss kitchen  are ideal. if you want a contemporary feel for the busiest room in the home. gloss cabinets have a stunning visual appearance in  kitchen design.

      High  white gloss   style cabinets  appears as famous now because it turned into. whilst it turned into closing trending within the Nineteen Seventies. It is more suitable to a cutting-edge-fashion  frosted glass  kitchen. with flat cupboard fronts. than it's miles for a conventional-style kitchen. highgloss cabinets end will also called extremely-high gloss or a hundred-per-cent gloss. depending at the materials you are the use of and the supplier you speak to. Excessive-gloss  wall cabinets  cupboard doorways have a sparkly finish that reflects mild. which is one of the foremost motives that gloss kitchens. in particular white gloss kitchens. are so popular.

       cabinets kitchen  aluminum frame has a wide range of current kitchens on provide. In reality. the most famous  smaller kitchen amongst them is our high gloss kitchen  cabinet door . which might be to be had in some of distinct  glossy finish  colours.The kitchen is where we cook in our daily lives. The furniture that is essential in our kitchen is the cabinets.  glossy cabinets makes our usual cooking and cooking easier. There are many kinds of kitchen cabinets on the market. So what about the high gloss finish  MDF kitchen cabinets board? The following article will introduce you to everyone.

high gloss cabinet Types

     The cabinet finish you pick in your kitchen has a massive impact on the look and the feel of the space. Of course, these days, you are spoilt for choice. But, more and more people are choosing to go with gloss kitchens. These modern looking cabinets help to reflect the light in the room. making your kitchen look larger. and they’re a great choice for those who want to increase the feel of their space. But, if you have lots of other colours going on in the same area. then it can reflect them and take away the clean and crisp look they offer.

      The high gloss finish works well with matte flooring.  having both gloss cabinets and flooring will compete with each other.

      Gloss cabinets are easier to clean than matte as they can wiped down with a cloth. but they’re also more prone to scratches. You have to prepared to put in a bit of extra effort to avoid this from happening. so the care level for both is around the same. A high gloss kitchen is usually better suited to modern and contemporary styles of home.

      acrylic cabinets high kitchen  is a difficult-artificial tremendous scratch resistant plastic.  highgloss kitchen often used in sheet form as an alternative to glass. imparting a shatter-resistant surface.  white high gloss acrylic cabinets are a awesome match. for  vividly sharp  modern fashion  gloss white   kitchen design .  highgloss finish offer a mirror-like reflective  gloss acrylic  finish. and do now not crack,  kitchen remodel chip or stain without  home improvement  problems.

 high gloss kitchen cabinets pros and cons 


      By reflecting light. the shiny finish of these gloss cabinet fronts helps to make the space feel bigger. and more open than it actually is. making gloss-finish cabinets an excellent choice for smaller kitchen spaces. This light reflection is also a bonus if you are considering a darker colour. as you won’t need to worry about the shade absorbing the light out of your room.

      Another great advantage of high-gloss cabinets is that they are easy to clean. which is always a winner for homeowners with a young family. Use a non-scratch microfibre cloth to clean the cabinet fronts. as they will pick up any dust particles sitting on the surface of the doors.

      highgloss cabinets  surface smoothness is high: the specular high gloss effect is obvious. gloss cabinet  film is full: the color is full and attractive. highgloss surface acrylic cabinets kitchen  Environmental health. Usually the paint of baking varnish is not baked. and the release of volatile substances (VOC) is  released. The MDF board solves the environmental problems of the century. It not only does not contain volatile substances such as benzene. but also forms a dense cured film by ultraviolet gloss curing. which reduces the release amount of the substrate gas.

      highgloss acrylic cabinets No fading: Through comparison experiments. it proved that the MDF veneer has better physical. and chemical properties than the traditional plate. ensuring that the MDF plate does not lose color for a long time. and solves the chromatic aberration phenomenon.

 gloss white cabinets Scratch-resistant: The high hardness is more polished and brighter. and it is not deformed at room temperature for a long time.  highgloss  dream kitchen cabinets Acid and alkali resistant corrosion. MDF board can resist the corrosion of various acid-base disinfectants.


      highgloss finish MDF  board has anti-moisture and anti-deformation. The primer adopts solvent-free 4E green high-grade paint. It is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The topcoat is full and attractive, and the color is bright. The coating has high hardness, wear-resistance and acid, and alkali resistance. It is resistant to salt spray and has a high gloss antibacterial effect after curing.


      Due to the fact that cabinets with a high-gloss finish reflect. so much light, fingerprints, dirt. and scratches are much more noticeable on them than they are on matt or semi-gloss cabinets. (But as I mentioned, they are very easy to clean so this may not be an issue for you.)

      The disadvantage of a dark colour in a gloss finish is that any tiny imperfections on the surface of the doors. such as scratches or finger marks. are much more noticeable than they are on lighter colour gloss doors. You might want to steer clear of darker colours if you have young children. or concerned about having to clean the cabinet fronts more than you would like.


White high gloss kitchen cabinets

white gloss kitchen cabinets Description:

Product Name

 High Gloss kitchen  cabinets


 Melamine Panel

thicknesses available

1220X2440mm.(also custom thicknesses)




various colors, like white, gray.white gloss, for example:white gloss kitchen

place of origin



 stylish, elegant,composite panel

surface effect

 mirror, high gloss paper, matte

Special function

Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness


 wall cabinets.  gloss doors .  quartz countertops .  base cabinets .  end panel .  cabinet drawers 

furniture factories

Bending strength

High flexural strength

Insulation performance

 low thermal insulation performance

Use occasion

Used in furniture factories, cabinets factories, wardrobe factories, piano factories, decoration companies, etc.


high gloss grey kitchen cabinets

high gloss kitchen cabinets Ikea vs home deptot material

Solid wood

        raw materials kitchen cabinets Ikea Solid wood  material  is environmentally friendly. has a good texture. high-temperature resistance and scratch resistance. but the price is expensive and maintenance is troublesome. It is not suitable for dry and humid places. Thus, the kitchen should dried as soon as possible. after the operation of the kitchen to avoid deformation. caused by long-term water immersion.


     high gloss kitchen cabinets home deptot fireproof board  material  . has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance. high temperature and the like. and the disadvantage is that it is easy to be wet and eroded. and improper use may cause problems such as degumming and deformation.

Melamine board

       high gloss kitchen cabinets Ikea vs home deptot melamine board . is also a familiar cabinets material. It has the properties of friction resistance, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance. hot acid, and alkali resistance. The water resistance is glossy worse, but it is also very good. The melamine board The performance of the aspects is not bad.

High gloss laminate use :

        High gloss cabinet Widely used in furniture products, cabinets products. wardrobe products, piano products, bathroom cabinets products, door panel products. and indoor and outdoor decoration projects.


Euro style kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets selection 

       Because the installation of the cabinets. throughout the day synchronized with the kitchen decoration. the kitchen is different from the rest of the house. and you cannot wait until the decoration completed. before purchasing the cabinets for installation. We need to ask the special cabinets manufacturer. to make the model of the cabinets before the decoration. leave the interface of the pipeline and a certain space. and then install the cabinets manufacturer.

      Some people are always worried that the storage space of the kitchen is not enough. so many people prefer cabinets with more cabinets. When choosing cabinets. we don't have to choose those big cabinets, but we have to choose the most reasonable ones. The cabinets will occupy many areas of the kitchen.

      When we choose the cabinets panel. we can't focus on the appearance and surface performance. We can't  look at whether the exterior is waterproof or water-proof. We also need to pay attention to its intrinsic performance. We need to distinguish the density of the board. It is best to ask the merchant to take out the panel model of the cabinets. Look at the cross-section of the particles is compact.

fashion style kitchen cabinets

high gloss white kitchen cabinets maintenance

avoid high-temperature contact

      When using the cabinets, are high gloss kitchen cabinets easy to clean? Avoiding the hot pot and the hot water bottle directly contacting the surface. of the cabinets. Because the excessive temperature will deform. or change the color of the cabinet's countertop, try to avoid sharp objects to hit the countertop. and door panel to avoid scratches.

reduce heavy load-bearing

      To reduce the load of heavy objects, try not to put heavy objects on the countertop. Some cabinets made of wood and man-made materials have limited bearing capacity. and overload bearing will cause serious damage to the cabinets.

pay attention to cabinets installation

      Pay attention to the installation of the cabinets. the height should be consistent when installing, the gap and width should be equal. If the installation is asymmetrical, the uneven force will. cause the cabinets door to crushed and deformed.

white gloss kitchen cleaning tips

how to clean high gloss kitchen cabinets ? here is some tips

-Remove surface dust by brushing your cabinets with an electrostatic dust wand. or microfiber dust cloth.

-Immerse a clean chamois cloth in warm water and wring it out until it is damp. Rub the damp cloth over the surface with a sweeping downward motion. do not scrub or apply excessive pressure. Start on one side of the kitchen and clean two cabinets at a time. Once they are clean, rinse the chamois cloth out under warm running water. and wring it out before going on to the next pair of cabinets in the run.

-Clean off heavy soil and grease marks by adding a tablespoon of mild household cleaner. such as dishwashing detergent, to a plastic bucket half filled with warm water. Use a second chamois leather cloth to wash the cabinet with this solution.

-Rinse well with clean warm water. and finish cleaning by applying the method described before. using a dedicated chamois cloth kept for this purpose.

high gloss kitchen cabinets suppliers

      Our High Gloss panels produced with an advanced unique technology. which is compatible with European quality standrds, High Gloss  composite panel create moder.  graceful furniture combinations with mirror-shine for  acrylic sheet  kitchen. gloss panel bath, home, office and all other decoration projects. meet the needs of the furniture and  highgloss panels  decoration sector. 

       High Gloss panels can used in kitchen cabinets, bathroom door panels. closet doors and study rooms forming a living space for all home. and office furniture bodies and surfaces. it is  stain resistance,  acrylic surface resistant  high scratch, 

      We committed to producing quality products with a high standard of service. because this is what is most important to us. We measure based on accuracy, we order based on competency and we post based on efficiency. Our most popular wooden panels. within our product range reflects our gloss wooden panels. incorporating a contemporary. and stylish finish our high gloss panels made to measure and cut to size. which can further fitted for any project regardless of its complexity.

      As expert high gloss wood panel suppliers receiving customer satisfaction. from initial consultation to end result is priority. Our gloss collection includes a range of colours. textures and characteristics including durable. easy to clean and scratch resistant high gloss wood. We supply information on how to input your measurements. so you are ready to order your wood panels following our easy to follow guide. 

       We supply  gloss uv  acrylic panel to  north america. Besides. we also supply  uv painted mdf panel,   solid colors  acrylic board,  acrylic mdf.  white melamine  gloss surface board,  lacquered boards ,  uv lacquered. lacquered high color stability core material,  pvc panel . and  aluminum composite wood. We have high  gloss boards supply to north america. you can go to website visit laminate panels manufacturing processes.

high gloss kitchen cabinets FAQ

How do you clean gloss kitchen cabinets?

     Reflections of light on gloss cabinets. are much more clear on higher cabinets than they are below kitchen benchtops. because they are more at eye level.

     If you would love some high-gloss cabinets in your kitchen. but concerned about seeing fingerprints. consider choosing a high-gloss finish on your upper cabinets. and use either a matt or a semi-gloss finish for the lower cabinets.

      Likewise, if you would love to incorporate a darker colour into your kitchen. and have your heart set on a gloss finish, then consider mixing it with a lighter colour. Position the darker colour cabinets at eye level. where they are out of reach of sticky fingers (especially if you have children). and keep the lower-level cabinets a lighter colour, which won’t show fingerprints as .

high gloss finish

      High gloss first became popular in the 1970s. where it seen as a modern, chic style that added shine and sparkle to any design. It’s sometimes also called ultra-high gloss or 100 percent gloss. depending on the specific supplier and certain materials that used.

      In opposition to matte finish, which absorbs light. and flattens it out, gloss cabinet doors come with a shiny, light-reflecting finish. This style is perfect for contemporary kitchen styles.  those with flat cabinet doors and sleek, modern style points.

      Space considerations: While matte finishes known to somewhat compress areas. making them a limited option for smaller kitchens, gloss finishes are the opposite. Their light reflection actually helps spaces feel larger. and more open than they actually are. meaning any size of kitchen goes well with gloss – they make smaller kitchens feel larger. and larger ones feel even more spacious.

     Light absorption: Down similar lines. you don’t have to worry about darker light shades absorbing light out of your room. with gloss finishes that reflect it right back out.

Simple cleaning: Gloss cabinets are very easy to clean. requiring a non-scratch cloth and no expensive cleaning materials at all.

     Noticeable imperfections: Light reflection from gloss is great in several areas. but it may also increase the visibility of scratches. fingerprints, dirt or other smudges that reach the surface. This is fine if you have a few seconds to clean the area. but some people prefer matte because it hides these kinds of imperfections a bit more .

       Dark colors: Down related lines. darker colors for gloss cabinets might not be advisable if you have small children. or pets who might touch or otherwise damage the cabinets. scratches or finger marks are much more noticeable than on lighter colors.

    Article Summary: 

How about high-gloss kitchen cabinets? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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