High-quality Particleboard Demand is growing rapidly

- Apr 20, 2019-

Due to the low price of melamine particleboard veneer, it is used in the custom home industry for the production of cabinets and wardrobes. However, with the upgrade of consumption, consumers pay more attention to quality than price, so that the demand for high-end particleboard is increasing, and the low-quality particleboard with overcapacity is accelerated.

melamine faced particle board

1. What is a wood-based panel?

(1) Wood-based panels are made of rubber and other materials, which are separated into various unit materials by mechanical processing, and are widely used in furniture production, construction and installation.

(2) Wood-based panels are the main raw materials for furniture production. It is a sheet made of rubber and other raw materials after mechanical separation into various unit materials, and is widely used in furniture production, construction and installation. . The utilization rate of wood for wood-based panels is relatively high, and the yield of logs processed into wood-based panels is close to 90%, while that for wood-based panels is only 36% to 42%. The wood-based panels are mainly composed of plywood, fiberboard and particleboard, in which the proportion of plywood is about 60%, and the particle utilization of the wood is only 8%.

(3) The reform of the supply side of the wood-based panel is speeding up, the low-end particleboard is accelerated and eliminated, and the industry concentration is expected to increase.

2, The development trend of wood-based panels:

In 2016, the national production of wood-based panels exceeded 300 million cubic meters for the first time, an increase of 4.7% over the previous year. The growth rate of production continued to slow down in recent years. Driven by consumption upgrades, low-end production capacity is clearly over-capacity, low-end particleboards are beginning to be phased out, and industry supply-side reforms are gradually accelerating. Leading companies are expected to rapidly increase their market share by virtue of their raw material supply, technology research and development and sales channels.

3.High quality particleboard demand is expected to grow rapidly:

Due to the low demand for raw materials, the current price of particleboard is lower. In the case of optimization of the production process and reasonable control of the aldehyde content of the glue, the particle board as a raw material is selected by most custom home furnishing companies for the production of cabinets and wardrobes. Benefiting from the consumption upgrade, the customized home market has expanded rapidly. In the first three quarters of 2017, the growth rate of custom home furnishing companies listed on the A-share market exceeded 30% year-on-year. Customized and large-scale home production has become the main driving force for the rapid growth of demand for high-end particleboard.

Raw material supply, wood pressing and sizing technology are key factors in the development of the industry. From the end of 2017, natural forest cutting will be completely banned. The upstream timber resources will be used as raw materials for the production of wood-based panels, which has certain scarcity. The board making process is the key technical barrier of wood-based panels. The formaldehyde control technology of hot pressing process and adhesive is more important, which is related to the performance and environmental performance of wood-based panels.

4, The differentiation of business operations, the market share of outstanding enterprises is expected to increase.

In the fierce market competition, business operations have become divided, and many companies have been forced to withdraw from the field of wood-based panels. Leading companies to increase market share.

melamine faced particle board

5.Mainly through three development paths:

(1) The vertical end of the product line extends, and the mid-level sheet production enterprises develop downstream custom home business.

(2) The consumption upgrade will drive the growth of medium and high-end demand, focus on the main business and upgrade the product structure.

(3) Focus on a certain subdivision of wood-based panels.

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