Healthy home comes from almond melamine shelves board -YUESHAN Health Board

- Apr 25, 2019-

        Furniture, flooring, cabinets, doors, laminate plywood ,closet and 

so on are the main components of the home. The almond melamine wood 

shelf board are the main materials for furniture, flooring, cabinets,

 doors, decoration and so on. The health and environmental protection of the staples almond melamine shelves board determines the health of the whole family. When we choose a custom cabinet closet, we are very concerned about what brand the board is. In our country, the most famous of particle board (solid wood particle board) is 2 brands, 

Jilin Sengong Lushuihe and YUESHAN.

Healthy home comes from almond melamine shelves board -YUESHAN Health Board


YUESHAN Almond Melamine Shelves Board

 As a leader in E0 and E1 grades, the production of E0 and E1 grade high-grade panels is very high. The technical and equipment requirements of the manufacturers are very high. At present, most SMEs in China do not have such production capacity. The YUESHAN wood-based panel has become one of the few manufacturers in China with E0-class production capacity by introducing advanced world-class 

equipment and adhering to technological innovation. Besides to the equipment and technical strength. YUESHAN Wood-based Panels leads the

development of China's wood-based panel industry with advanced management and service concepts. And provides a strong guarantee for people's healthy home life.

 The large medium-sized/high-density fiberboard is an artificial board made of logs. Which subjected to chipping, fiber separation, drying, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive, and then hot-pressed.

Almond Melamine Shelves Board Advantages:

 The surface is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the 

performance is stable, the edge is firm, the surface of the material

 is well decorated, and the formaldehyde content is low. Which is the preferred material for high-grade environmental protection home. The world's highest environmental level,

 Some of the quality characteristics are superior to natural wood 

(waterproof, fireproof, pressure-proof,and small denaturing characteristics).

thick melamine shelves


YUESHAN Multi-Layer Homogeneous Environmental Particle Board

 Da Ya multi-layer homogenized particle board, using fresh logs as 

raw materials, using the world's leading shaving technology to process shavings. And then drying, screening, bonding, waterproofing 

other more than 20 rigorous scientific processes refined wood panels .

product advantages:

 YUESHAN particle board E0 environmental protection standard is 

leading the world in environmental protection and homogenization.

 Has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties,

 The uniform stress distribution determines that it is the best 

choice for retrofitting custom furniture. It can  used as shelf, sideboard, backboard, drawer, door and other parts of the cabinet. It can also used as the core board of the counter top. The custom furniture made of large particle board has good moisture resistance, 

smooth surface and no deformation. Firm and lasting.

 Article Summary: About Healthy home comes from almond melamine 

shelves board -YUESHAN Health Board introduced here. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. Do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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