First-line wardrobe melamine particle board manufacturers recommendation

- Apr 22, 2019-



The wardrobe melamine panel loved by consumers. The biggest feature is tailor-made. It can designed according to the needs of the family. It not only shows the personality of the home space, but also can use the space, and the decoration style integrated. The choice of wardrobe sheets is particularly important.

so what are the common wardrobe 18mm mfc manufacturers? Which china melamine particle board manufacturers are better?

First-line wardrobe melamine particle board manufacturers recommendation


What Kinds Of Wardrobe Sheets


 1, particle board


    The substrate of the particleboard is a log, which crushed and then pressed at a high temperature. The middle layer  made of long wood fiber, and the fine wood fiber selected on both sides, and finally pressed into a plate. The particle board is not easy to deformed, and the nail holding power is very strong. The high quality particleboard meets the European E1 standard, and the formaldehyde content is less than 0.9mg/L, which is more friendly. Most of the panel furniture currently chooses particleboard materials. The disadvantage of particleboard is it requires high processing machinery. and is not suitable for bending treatment or curved section treatment.


 2, MDF


 The MDF made of powdered wood fiber, which has:

soft texture,

impact resistance, high strength, uniform density, easy processing, and good surface flatness. It is very suitable for making plastic panels, painted boards and other furniture. But, the waterproof performance is poor, and it is easy to swell, so it is more deformed after a long time.


 3, solid wood particle board


 melamine faced chipboard is a new type of green building material, and the production process is like particle board. The density is higher and the fiber particles are larger, so the natural texture of the board itself is well preserved. In the use of the adhesive, the content of the solid wood particle board is less than 5% than other sheets, and has better environmental protection. But the price is high.


 4, the fragrant board


 The raw materials of Hexiang board are straw crops, and MDI glue (without formaldehyde) and other additives added. The surface of the fragrant board is smooth and smooth,

the board surface is solid,

the stability is good, the strength is high,

the environment is friendly,

the temperature is high, the flame retardant is high,

and the processing performance is excellent. It is very suitable for all kinds of surface decoration processing and machining. Especially suitable for Shaped processing


melamine faced chipboard


The Wardrobe Melamine Particle Board Manufacturers List


YUESHAN Wood Industry

Established in 2002, it is a subsidiary of Hubei Baoyuan Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Jingmen City, Hubei Province. Company specializes in the production of :

wood-based panels, wooden doors, wood flooring and other wood products. As a national key agricultural enterprise. It has many honors such as

quality furniture fiberboard” and “quality domestic oriented structural board”.


 2. Hong Kong Xuebao


 Hong Kong Xuebao is the leading brand in the decorative sheet industry. It is the first manufacturer to introduce children's room special board. It has become the vane of the industry with its unique elegant taste and artistic charm. Loved by the majority of consumers.


 3, bunny


 Bunny plate established in 1993, the first domestic plate company. There are many products, such as plates, wooden doors, flooring, paint adhesives and so on. The company has won many honors such as

China's well-known trademarks and iconic brands in the plywood industry.


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