Expert action: the reason analysis of melamine plywood ambry price difference

- Apr 19, 2019-

plywood price differences

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 1, first said the melamine plywood ambry price and cabinet practice, the cabinet cabinet is generally made by adding moisture-proof agent particleboard, the main reason is that the shape of moisture-proof particleboard is relatively stable, conducive to machine processing, there can be a certain moisture-proof effect, the best moisture-proof particleboard is Germany love home board and domestic dew river particleboard.

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 2, the sale personnel of a lot of hutch ark is the love home board of Austria, love the home is the name of the company actually, the company is in Germany, have manufacturing plant in Austria, the holy elephant floor of early days is this company produces, the lumber that makes particleboard basically is a few fast growth forest is broken, add glue to pass high temperature high pressure to be pressed and become. So the stand or fall of particleboard basically sees density, agglutinate degree and environmental protection performance, environmental protection of love home board can achieve Europe E0 class, homebred dew water river can achieve Europe E1 class. Everybody has this experience, the flavour of inferior hutch ark and furniture is particularly big, this basically is the particieboard that tried formaldehyde to exceed bid, compare with big core board, the case that particieboard formaldehyde exceeds bid is more serious, because opposite character, particieboard needs more glue to come agglutinate. My feeling accords with E1 level to be quite enough, the thing of E0 level is too expensive, and the furniture in the home also cannot be E0 level completely (unless you are super big money, buy century 100 strong solid wood furniture entirely).

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 3, from the point of view of structure, the high quality hutch ark product should be back slot plate, turnbuckle connections elsewhere, as melamine plywood ambry price eat reserve force is not very good (difference in big core board, good in density board), so don't use nail order now on the market can do back slot board manufacturers, dare to take out body structure of the samples to you to look at. Probably a few. Back slotting insert board type, it is to be on the side board of cabinet body slotting, insert after back board, fastness of ark body of consolidate put oneself in another's position!

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4, say face plate again, melamine plywood ambry is the face of hutch ark, tell the truth actually, namely 3 get together hydrogen ammonia to act the role of face plate, fire prevention board, suck model can make face plate of hutch ark, spray paint board and bake paint board to still make do with. Other what messy thing is Chinese characteristic thing, say crystal board first, ageing, soft, be afraid of again rub, the most deceptive is crystal board. Have again bake lacquer, although sale young lady pledges to swear to say *** it is to bake lacquer craft product, can we think a bit, bake lacquer is the craft that the car USES lacquer, homeproduced car lacquer work still is not how, when transplant to hutch ark to go up again? Paint most afraid of knock, in the future once damaged, users almost no possibility of repair. Another problem with baking paint is that it's too expensive! It can cost more than twice as much as a trihydrazine plate.

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 5, gather hydrogen ammonia three panels and fire prevention board is ideal material of ark of hutch of panel, especially fire prevention board, actually we say fire prevention board just refers to the outside of the door plank stick a layer of 1 mm after finishing, fire prevention board or particieboard, usually inside fire prevention board to gather hydrogen ammonia three panels have several advantages, one, high intensity of fire prevention board, gather hydrogen ammonia three veneer strength much more than 1 mm difference of fire prevention board, secondly, the design and color of fire prevention board, in giant has hundreds of design and color choices, fourthly, fire prevention board flame retardant.

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 6, the famous fire board board YUESHAN, South Korea LG, fumeijia and so on. With wei shengya best, the biggest problem with board of domestic fire prevention is design and color little, use at hutch ark interior more stick a face. The problem of fire prevention board basically is "sealing edge", sealing edge USES PVC strip commonly or aluminium alloy, big factory has special PVC heat melt sealing edge machine, use very regular 1-2mm thick sealing cupboard door side. Small factory some use very thin PVC, manual with adhesive, a long time on the crack. Have fire prevention board to want to stick again on particieboard, did not have professional machine time to grow can take a bag.

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