Excelent Plywood Use In Door

- Apr 10, 2019-

New types of materials continue to emerge. and more and more new materials used in the production and manufacturing of doors. This effect also gives the door more functions. Wooden doors have always been the favorite door for consumers. There are types of door,like flush door,cabinet door,and kitchen door. The following will introduce melamine plywood doors.


1. What Is A Plywood Door?


Glued wooden doors, also known as plywood doors. refer to the middle of the lightweight skeleton. In general, the thick version of the square used as the door frame, and the inside is the grid-shaped ribs. There are small glass windows on the door of the glued wooden door, and some made of blinds. The surface of the plywood door cut with precious wood by advanced techniques. Then, the plywood door combined with the fir by hot pressing. At the same time. the plywood door made of imported PU paint on the paint. and s treated with the most advanced surface treatment in the form of solidified wax on both sides. Thus, the plywood door has a luxurious feel. Plywood doors used in the production process to drop urethane glue. using fir and veneer as the main raw materials. Thus, the formaldehyde content is lower than the national standard. At the same time, the plywood door painted with PU paint in the dust-free paint booth factory. The construction is benzene-free, flawless and paint-free.


2 How About The Plywood Door?


In the wood of building materials, plywood is often used to make doors. Most of the door cores of plywood doors are light wood, such as :

multi-well plates, high-density boards, and the like. The front and back sides of the door decorated with plywood. and the plywood pressed against the frame of the door. and the two sides trimmed, edge-sealed, processed and then made into a door. Because the door core is lighter, the plywood is not too heavy, so the quality of the door is lighter and the cost is lower.



3 How About The Plywood Door Classification?


One type of plywood is a weatherable, boiling water resistant plywood. Thus, it also has the advantages of :

durability, high temperature resistance, and steam treatment.


The second type of plywood is a water-resistant plywood. that can immersed in cold water or immersed in hot water for a short time.


The three types of plywood are moisture-resistant plywood. which can impregnated in cold water for a short time. It is suitable for indoor use at room temperature. and used for furniture and general construction.


The four types of plywood are non-durable plywood. and used under normal conditions in the room. In general, the plywood used for the plywood is :

eucalyptus, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, birch, ash, poplar, and the like.


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