Do you know the difference between MDF and particleboard?

- Apr 18, 2019-

First of all, both are wood based panels. followed by the two basic wooden materials in the cabinet material. The MDF composed of a powder and  swelled when exposed to water. Thus, it is impossible to make the cabinet. and because of its poor nailing, manufacturers of good quality do not use the MDF to make the cabinet. The particleboard retains more of the natural structure of the wood. The swelling rate in the water is 8%-10% and the nailing is good. Thus, from the current situation, it is the most suitable for the cabinet of furniture.

18 mm particleboard panel

The particle board insulated and sound-absorbing. and the height of the board can reach 2700mm. The environmental protection factor is much higher than the density board.


Uses Of MDF:


 used for:


sound absorption

or ceiling,

furniture, etc.

At present, many manufacturers produce furniture using particleboard. which is also the main material of cabinets. The surface of the particleboard is often pressed on both sides with a trimeric hydrogen ammonia finish. After being edge-sealed, it has the same appearance as the MDF. It assembled with a special connector and is detachable.


The surface of the MDF is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm. and the surface of the sheet is well decorated. But, the MDF has poor moisture resistance, and in contrast. the nail holding force of the MDF is worse than that of the particle board. If the screw is loose after the screw tightened, it is difficult to fix because the MDF is not strong. The cabinet can only be 2100mm.


Uses Of Particleboard:


used for :

laminate flooring,

door panels,

partition walls,

furniture, etc.

The MDF used for the surface treatment of the oil mixing process in the home decoration.


Which MDF Is Better For MDF And Particleboard?


Compared with the two types of sheet, the particleboard is better than the density board. and the density board has the worst moisture resistance in the composite board. The density of the MDF is poor. The particle board has a strong nail holding force, but it is easy to cause a tooth phenomenon when cutting the board.


The biggest disadvantage of MDF is that it is not moisture-proof, and it swells when it sees water. When using density kickboards, door panels, and window sills, you should pay attention to the six sides of the paint, so that it will not deformed. The surface of the particle board is flat, the texture is realistic.  the weight is uniform, the thickness error is small, the pollution resistance, the aging resistance, the appearance are beautiful, and the oil and various veneers can carried out.


Comparison Of The MDF And Particleboard:


(1) The advantage of particleboard is that the release of harmful substances. such as formaldehyde is smaller than that of MDF. The advantage of the MDF is that the material is thin. and the cut surface will be well sealed when it edged, so it is not easy to open the glue.


(2) Some furniture manufacturers in the north use particleboard, while the south prefers to use MDF. Because the humidity in the south is large, once the sealing is not good, the furniture that is damp finished. The nail holding power of the MDF is also stronger than the particle board.


(3) As for the price, because the grade of each sheet is different, the price cannot compared. The finished products, including the production process and brand price, so you have to consider the price in many ways.


(4) It should also noted that these two materials generally have a high release of free formaldehyde. If you want to buy furniture, remember to ask the dealer or manufacturer for an inspection report. Now the state has issued mandatory regulations for the sale of furniture. requiring the inspection report and the sign of formaldehyde content. This is very important.

MDF use in kitchen

I would like to let you know more about the difference between MDF and particleboard. I hope this will help everyone,please feel free to click on discover our entire product.

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