Development History of Office Furniture

- Oct 22, 2018-


China's furniture industry has experienced the first high-speed

 development period, with the expansion of quantity as the main

 factor, established a complete industrial system with

 complete categories and in line with international standards. The products can meet the needs of people's lives and the needs of the international market. In the next five to ten years, under the

 background of international furniture industry transfer, Chinese 

furniture industry will usher in the second high-speed development period. In this period, it is not the expansion of quantity, but the improvement of quality. In the 21st century, the

 Chinese government has proposed to speed up the pace of 

urbanization and small-scale urbanization, boost the rural 

economy in an all-round way, and speed up the process of 

urbanization so on further stimulate the consumer market and 

expand the consumption field. This national initiative will 

 further promote China's housing construction, which will lead to 

the development of housing-related industries. According to the 

needs of society and development, the State Council has put 

forward housing industrialization, which will promote the 

standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting housing. Due to the development

 of housing industrialization, housing as a commodity has entered 

the market, providing development space for various kinds of furniture and supporting products.

office furniture


Domestic office furniture

        Since China's entry into WTO, local furniture has begun to pay

 attention to the design, research and development of office furniture and market development. Professional office furniture

 enterprises have emerged one after another, and grow , 

which is more suitable for Chinese traditional concepts. High quality and low price, durable. But, due to the lack of 

understanding of office environment, employee privacy, 

ergonomics and other aspects in the early stage of historical 

problems, after continuous learning and progress, it has become more international.

International office furniture

        As early as the early 1980s, foreign office furniture brands 

entered the Chinese market, but because of style, concept, price 

and other reasons, most international brand furniture can only 

provide services for international enterprises and large local enterprises.

Foreign brands pay more attention to the integration of office 

environment in furniture industry. The balance between freedom,

 privacy, function and simplicity has always been the philosophy 

pursued in the international office environment. The first 

international brand furniture enterprises to enter China have their 

own characteristics in the initial office environment, multi-

functional office furniture, ergonomic chairs and so on.

        International brand furniture has always been in the leading 

position in the middle and high-end market of office industry. High-tech industries, securities finance, accounting lawyers and 

other industries that require a high office environment will adopt it.

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