Custom furniture||Cabinets choose Melamine board or Particle board?

- Apr 18, 2019-


Renovation of furniture, selection of cabinet board. has always been the focus of attention of consumers! There are many kinds of solid wood board, and the scientific name is very complicated. the manufacturers will give the board a high name for the convenience of sales. resulting in a variety of names for the same veneer.

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What Is A Particle Board?


(1) The particle board, according to the full name in China, is a solid wood particle board. Its real name is particleboard, the national standard GB/T 4897-2015 "chipboard". It breaks all kinds of solid wood into granules and mixes other non-wood plant crumbs. Based on this, it is heat-pressed together with the adhesive. This is the particle board.


China's particleboard standards and production processes imported from Europe. Europe is the origin of wood-based panels. From a practical point of view, the particle board is actually of good quality. But, because many domestic enterprises save a lot of money. they will use urea-formaldehyde glue as an adhesive. At the same time, the control of skinning and edge-sealing outside the particleboard is not good. so it gives a bad impression that it is neither friendly nor durable. Usually, formaldehyde release is not a problem as long as the skin and seal done.


What is the melamine board?


(1) Melamine board, there are many names in the industry, known as paint-free board . A few years ago, the name was melamine board. But, due to the pollution incident of Chinese dairy products, it was later forced to change its name. The industry called the paint-free board, and it is also called the melamine board. But, the melamine board is too general, because many boards can also called melamine boards, which is easy to confuse.


(2) The melamine board has broad and narrow meanings in China.


The opponent of the broad-based melamine board is a solid wood board that needs to painted, which is equal to a paint-free board. Including paint-free particle board, paint-free wood board, etc.


The opponent of the narrow melamine board is the particle board, which refers to the solid wood splicing board with the finish. the national standard LY/T 2488-2015 "solid wood splicing board".


There Are Many Ways To Splicing Solid Wood, Saying 2 Kinds Of Familiar Ones:


(1) Flat. Almost all solid wood furniture used in this way. The solid wood cut and smoothed and glued together.


(2) tooth connection (finger joint). The solid wood blocks spliced together in a tooth shape and then glued. Generally, there are more primary board.


Omit decorative effects, the finishes and paints have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, from the perspective of decoration pollution. it is certain that the melamine board is superior to the large core board.


Which Is Better For Particle Board And Melamine Board?


Let's analyze it.


Particleboard (that is, particle board) When the sheet filled with plastic formaldehyde and the sealing is not good. it is easy to cause high formaldehyde emission. But, processing difficulty, nail holding power, decorative effect, etc.,

it is actually not much different from the melamine board.


The reason why the chip board does not have much particle board. but the actual release amount will be higher. because the edge is almost no. Many low-end furniture, no matter what kind of sheet used. there may be problems with excessive formaldehyde. This is not only a huge difference in the quality of the sheet. but also due to the lack of edge sealing after the sheet processed.


For The Selection Of Board, We Give The Following Suggestions:


1. If it can guarantee that no matter how many small pieces can sealed at the factory. and the installation site will sealed with tin foil, no matter what kind of damage. the particle board can still selected. Formaldehyde problem. But be careful.


2. If I buy furniture at home and buy furniture. I can choose from multi-layer solid wood composite veneer (scientific name: plywood). Although it is also a solid wood "splicing". the processing level is much stronger than the blockboard. and the quality is more reliable. At the same time. service life, multi-layer solid wood composite panels are also stronger than ordinary blockboard.


3. If you choose Blockboard, the eco-board with finish is the first choice. Try not to choose the large core board that needs to painted. There are many brands of eco-boards, and the concept of playing is also complicated. but keep in mind one: the edges are tight, there is no obvious deformation and cracking, it is better.

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