Common types of integral cabinets

- Jan 18, 2019-

The integral cabinet , also known as the "integral kitchen", refers to the :

combination of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances and kitchen functional appliances. It characterized by the organic combination of cabinets and operating desks. kitchen appliances and various functional components. and according to the individual needs of:

the kitchen structure

and family members of consumers,

through the configuration,

design and construction,

finally forming a complete set of products;

realizing the coordination of each process of kitchen work. and creating a good family atmosphere. Strong breath of life.

2- mdf shelves cut to size factory

Cabinet Body:

according to space structure. it includes:

suspension cabinet, floor cabinet, decoration cabinet, high-rise cabinet, counter top cabinet, etc.


Cabinet Doors:


larger choice. according to the composition of materials, including:

wood doors, aluminum alloy doors, rolling curtain doors, moving doors, etc.


Decorative panels: including partitions, roofs, top boards, back wall decorations, etc.





artificial stone,

fireproof board,

artificial quartz stone, stainless steel table, natural stone table, excellent stone board, etc.




Including foot board, adjustable foot and connector. Plastic and aluminium alloy foot boards used for adjusting foot boards.


Hardware Fittings:


 including door hinges, guideways, handles, lifting codes, other structural fittings, decorative fittings, etc.


Functional Accessories:



star basin (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin),


water dispenser,

soap dispenser,

various pull basket,

pull frame,


rice box, garbage bin, etc.



 Lamp Lamp, Roof Lamp, All kinds of built-in, External Cabinet Special Lamp

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