Can MDF Cabinet Doors Are Better Than Other Engineered Wood Board ?

- Jul 29, 2019-

      The kitchen is used for cooking. Many families install cabinets in the kitchen, which greatly increases the kitchen space and increases the aesthetics of the kitchen. The cabinet door is an integral part of the cabinet. In order to have a better decoration of the cabinet, the manufacture of the cabinet door needs to be exquisite. So, how about MDF cabinet doors? Here is a good introduction to the cabinet door material.

MDF cabinet door panels

     (1) Painted door panel

The paint door panel is made of MDF wood and is baked at high temperatures by multiple paintings. This door panel has strong decorative properties, good surface finish, fireproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, but the price is relatively expensive.

    (2) Fireproof door panel

Fireproof door panels are the more common cabinet door materials. The fire door panels are colorful, non-fading, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and moisture-proof. However, the stereo effect of the fire door panel is relatively poor.

    (3) solid wood door panels

Solid wood door panels are made of natural logs and are made by a series of techniques. The surface has natural texture patterns, various styles, durability, corrosion resistance, and good sound insulation.

    (4) Trimeric hydrogen-fixed MDF

The melamine decorative panel has the advantages of smooth surface, bright color, various patterns, good decorative effect, wear resistance, heat resistance, and easy cleaning. However, its edge banding is prone to collapse.

(5) Solid wood particle board is more suitable for cabinet substrate, and melamine MDF can be used for backboard and door panel and line shape. Only by combining solid wood particleboard and MDF sheets, it is the best choice.

First, the advantages of melamine MDF sheets as a cabinet door:

   1. Nail force and load-bearing capacity: Laminated MDF is to grind logs into fibers, and the damage of the log structure is more serious. The solid wood particle board is to pulverize the logs into granules, and the log structure damage is less so that the solid wood particleboard can be seen. Stronger than the medium-density board. Doorbell's solid wood particleboard is a layered stack of 5 layers of fine and coarse solid wood particles, like the principle of building bricks, with tension and support.

    2, Environmental protection, first, the glue used in the production process is the same, but because the Medium-density fiberboard is fibrous, usually in the amount of adhesive used, the amount of glue used in the MDF wood board is more than the solid particleboard 5 Secondly, when making fiberboard, the process is not allowed to undergo dehydration treatment, and when the solid wood particle board is pressed, it must be dehydrated first, and most of the formaldehyde will be chemically reacted during the dehydration process, leaving only A small portion of free formaldehyde. Relatively speaking, solid wood particle board is more environmentally friendly.

    3, moisture resistance, because the MDF sheet has a high glue content, less internal space structure, so the moisture resistance is poor, put a piece of solid wood chipboard and a piece of melamine wood grain MDF  wood panel into the water at the same time, after 24h, it can be clearly found that the MDF board is tilted around It rises, and the solid wood particle board is flawless.

    4, plasticity, because the MDF wood sheet is fibrous, it is conducive to the machine to do sculpture, molding, curvature and other shapes, which is the reason why the current molded door panels, European style lines are MDF panels. The base material of the solid wood particle board is granular, and it is not easy to engrave and mold.

mdf cabinet board sheets

Second, how to choose kitchen MDF cabinet door panels

   1, look

When you choose the popular color you like, you should also carefully look at the production process, including the edge banding. The structure of the sideboard is reasonable. The hardware used mainly focuses on the durability factor. The surface is not equal to the inside. It is best to design with the home. Matching, whether the board surface is smooth and no color difference and the firmness of the cabinet door plate is not enough, you can look at the cross-section of the board, and the appearance is not good.

   2, smell

When you buy the cabinet board, you can smell the board without any irritating taste. If the irritating smell is heavy, the formaldehyde content will be more. You can ask the manufacturer to show the relevant formaldehyde content test certificate.

   3, touch

When you buy cabinet plates, you must touch them more. The surface looks good, but the feel is very different. We can touch the surface of the board to be smooth and flat, no graininess, and the corners should be smooth, otherwise, it will affect the safety of later use.

mdf wood panel

Third, custom MDF cabinet doors considerations

    1, do not ignore the cabinet functionality

Some people prefer the avant-garde exaggerated cabinets, thus ignoring the most important storage functions of the cabinets. After the cabinets are installed, many things can't be found. Therefore, when selecting cabinets, we must first ensure the storage function, and then consider the aesthetics.

    2, not blind brand

Everyone knows that well-known brands are more secure in terms of quality and after-sales. However, when purchasing, it is still necessary to examine the quality through details. Good cabinets should be considered from the aspects of sheets, counter-tops, drilling, etc. Don't be afraid of trouble, you must shop around.

    3, the sample combined with the actual

When you choose the cabinet door, you should combine the actual situation. Don't just look at the model, you can get a drawing after communicating with the designer, thus completing the purchase process.

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